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Scheduling Tools for Managing Deal Customers

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As Steven Covey has said, ‘The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule – but to schedule your priorities’. The old-school manager and planners are familiar with the pen and paper method of jotting down work lists and managing tasks for each and every employee.

Anyone who was assigned to manage the work hours of a company and to schedule the tasks of every employee; had to spend the whole day just poring over the papers, re-checking each and every point to find mistakes, making sure there are no overlaps and all the shifts have been covered.

Moreover, if you’re looking forward to managing a high customer load, after you have launched a new daily deal in the market, a product such an Appointment Scheduling Software makes this task all the more easy. An Appointment Scheduling Software is an extremely important tool, which allows you to manage your daily customers as a small-scale entrepreneur, and buys you enough time that you get back to each and every customer individually – preventing them to leave without interacting.

However, when you’re looking to get the best Appointment Scheduling Software to manage deal customers, you might find it a devastating challenge.

Here are 7 of the best scheduling tools for managing deal customers!

1.  Full Slate:

Most of the daily deal companies in the market these days recommend merchants to use Full Slate, in order to gain a better understanding of scheduling of new clients. Full Slate is basically an online platform or system, which lets clients book their own appointments online. Full Slate allows people to book their appointments any day, and any time of the day as well.

For firms which offer more than a single service, such as spas or salons, Full Slate can easily help clients to book multiple appointments, with a difference price range each time. This allows businesses to create a mini-menu of their service, which is unique to every staff member and employee!

2.  Genbook:

Genbook is one of the best solutions a small-scale company might have in order to organize and schedule client appointments and meetings. This online system has a minimal maintenance and repair cost, and allows you to cut corners on all the extra money you have to invest in scheduling software.

Small-scale businesses are provided with an option to display a ‘Book Now’ redirect button over their online platform, which then takes a potential client to pages hosted by Genbook. This allows companies to retain every customer which lands on their service page, and plans on booking an appointment with their firm.

3.  GoBook:

GoBook is basically a scheduling component, which is a part of the lately announced cloud-based platform for businesses; GramercyOne’s GoSuit. GoBook is basically a software, which is aimed towards providing business with an opportunity to enjoy seamless integration between their online appointment books, and the websites they currently have.

GoBook is primarily based on a ‘Freemium’ model, which is perfect for a firm with a low-marketing budget. It does not cost much and is prone to minimal maintenance, allowing firms to interact while capturing each and every potential client.

4.  Schedulicity:

Small-businesses, which have already lost a huge coupon buying client-base, only because of an increased amount of no-shows have to check out Schedulicity. This is basically a scheduling soiftware, which claims to cut down the number of no-shows to about 70 percent.

It allows companies to keep in touch with their potential client-base, and to interact with them on a daily deal basis. It offers better management of daily deal clients, by providing an online appointment booking platform to small-scale businesses- which allows them to send automated texts and emails to first-time buyers.

5.  Agile CRM:

Integrating some of the most modern features of Customer Relationship Management tool and providing it in an extremely affordable price to make it suitable for small-scale businesses, the Agile CRM is a customer management software, allowing you to stay one step ahead and creating a client-base from the number of clients trying to reach out to you and your services. Carry out your marketing automation techniques, and provide customers with the incentive to book their own meetings and appointments.

6.  StyleSeat:

For professionals in the beauty and wellness niche, keeping up with all the clients, trying to purchase different services at the same time is hectic. In such cases, StyleSeat, a scheduling software designed specifically for this industry can help you create comprehensive platform for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and online booking.

Apart from helping owners from sending automated thank you emails or appointment confirmations, StyleSeat also allows salon owners and such entrepreneurs in sending targeted marketing emails to these customers, once they are in the system.

7.  Appointment-Plus:

Businesses that tend to make use of QuickBooks, in order to carry out the accounting tasks will certainly want to get their hands on Appointment-Plus. This self-scheduling software not only manages the payment processing of a firm, but also organizes all the online meetings and appointments and schedules them accordingly.

Most of the above mentioned scheduling systems are meant for small-scale businesses; however, Appointment-Plus is exceptionally suited to large-scale businesses and organizations. Hence, if you’re a forward moving entrepreneur who needs to handle clients on a large-scale, and that too online, make sure to get Appointment-Plus as soon as possible!

The Bottom Line:

An Appointment Scheduling Software is an efficient way of saving time, and interacting with each and every customer of yours effectively. Scheduling software allows you to organize your meetings with different clients – which hold utmost importance in every phase of your business.

In order to properly manage the influx of daily deal customers, attend all the calls asking you about the genesis of your company you need to use an Appointment Scheduling Software effectively. Hence, make sure to identify what kind of needs and requirements your business has, and choose a scheduling software from the above list – which matches the nature of your business perfectly!