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6 Ways To Turn Your Home Eco-Friendly And Save Lots Of Energy

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When was the last time you looked at your bills and smiled because they were so cheap? It definitely wasn’t recently, that’s for sure. These days our energy bills are going through the roof. When you get your paycheck it’s sickening to realize a huge chunk of it is going to these companies that make billions of dollars each year. Something needs to be done, and luckily for you there is things you can do. Check out these 6 amazing ways provided by an electrical engineering firm to save money on energy bills and do your part in saving the environment by turning your home eco-friendly.

Install solar panels

Solar panels are becoming pretty big these days because lots of people are waking up to the fact their energy costs will continue to rise at a worrying rate. It will obviously cost you money in the beginning to buy the panels and have them installed on your roof, but once there they will eventually start paying you back in the future. On particularly hot days your panels can actually store more energy than your home will use. You can’t argue that they are not the way forward at the moment.

Change your light bulbs

Long gone are the days when you could only get energy sapping light bulbs. Remember that you can now get eco-friendly ones that cost you a little more, but will last you much longer. This is only going to cost you a few dollars, so it’s not like it’s out of anyone’s reach. Be careful when looking around because you might find some that are very cheap and seem like a good deal, but the actual light bulb might not be as good as they’re claiming. To be safe you should get ones that are Energy Star-certified.

Use a thermostat

You don’t have to manually alter the temperature in your home anymore if you have a programmable thermostat because it’s done for you. That means there’s no getting up early to switch the heating on during those cold winter mornings. You’ll see something special happen with your electric bill, because even shifting the temperature by a few degrees can have a decent impact come the end of the year. They are easy to use and everyone should have one.

Get better installation

Did you know that there’s lots of energy wasted because it escapes through the walls? That’s money you’re paying the energy companies for heating the outside world. You can help yourself by using more insulation, eco-friendly insulation if you can help it. Stuff your walls with that and it will stop a lot more heat from getting out. You’ll notice the difference when you’re nice and toasty in winter, instead of freezing cold like last year.

Put your plugs into a power strip

Even though your electronics don’t use up maximum power when they are on standby it’s still enough to be wasting energy you don’t need to. If you get a power strip you can plug everything into it and it’s much easier to switch everything off at the same time. Sometimes you don’t even bother because you have to go around unplugging each piece of equipment individually, but now that’s a thing of the past.

Start using cold water to wash clothes

You get some good cold-water detergents now and they are actually really good. You should try using them as much as you can. Your machine uses a lot of energy and switching to cold water will definitely help. You don’t need to wash everything this way. Things like bed sheets and towels need to be washed in hot water, but for a simple t-shirt you’ve had on for one day don’t bother.