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6 Outdoor Activities That Significantly Help Develop Fine Motor Skills Of Toddlers

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Playing and learning go hand in hand for infants and toddlers most of the time. When you are looking for the best page for developing your toddler’s fine motor skills, then this list will greatly help you. Here are six outdoor activities you can try with them during their playtime:

Blow Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is an easy way to create fun outdoors. Aside from that, your tots can have the chance the practice how to pinch their skinny wands, coordinate their two hands while they are holding the bottle and so on. They can also use their hands in various ways in popping the bubbles above.


Finger painting

Simply prepare a thick piece of paper or an else you’ve purchased from toy wholesale supplier in Australia like Little Smiles and set up a good shady place in your backyard to do finger painting with your kids. Finger paint can help your child strengthen their manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Coloring with broken crayons

Once your kids have problems with their fine motor skills, it wouldn’t be easy for them to hold a pencil. To convince your kid the crayon properly, allow them to color small and broken crayons between their forefinger and thumb. Such activity is an exciting way to challenge your kid no matter what material you utilize.

Playing in the sand

Summer is coming! Surely, your kid will love to play and dig in the sand all day long. You can rest assured that they are having fun while manipulating sand. Through this activity, they are building dexterity between their fingers as they pour sand to the containers. Additionally, they also got the chance to move their forearms, building more strength.

Squeezing Sponge

Don’t you know that a bucket filled with water can help you stimulate your kid’s fine motor skills too? Yes, it is true! Give them a large sponge and allow them to dip this into the bucket as well as squeeze its water on another bucket.

Let them do this again until the water has transferred right between the two bucket.

Take advantage of the empty cardboard box

Now that you don’t need anymore those empty cardboard box,  it might be the perfect time to hand them down to you little ones. Help them poke the hole all over the box so they could insert pipe cleaners. This can also help them boost their concentration.

Always look for opportunities every day so your dear toddlers could manipulate little thing,  pull and push baby push walker available at Little Smiles with their fingers and hands as well as perform small movements. Knowing these opportunities would serve as their stepping stone toward fine motor skill development.

In addition to these, you must also ask your toddler’s teacher if there are any particular areas of concern, especially on this aspect. If yes, then do ask for any possible suggestions which may help your kid. Once certain delays are obstructing or significant on your kid’s ability to do age-appropriate activities, then better seek help from a pediatric occupational therapist.