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Best Uses of Dried Flowers

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You have received flowers as gifts for various occasions but the hardest part is how to make best use of themwhen they start to wilt. We have come up with some chic and trendy ways to make best use of wilted flowers sothat people start considering flowers to be more meaningful gift options during special occasions.

If you want to add a chic vintage vibe, the best thing would be to let the roses dry. Moreover, red roses add a pop of color to every dull corner of your room making them looking absolutely stunning look to your house and especially on those areas where there are no windows just to make the area really pop up.

If the bouquet of flowers has been given to you by someone special then it is best to frame the bouquet of flowers. It will give a personal touch to your home. A bouquet which has been given by someone special is going to bring back all the special memories that you so truly hold closer to your heart.

Dried Flowers

Although, you might not have thought about this but dry flowers make great greeting cards and bookmarks too. You can press these flowers and use them to make someone’s day special. It will be a thoughtful gifting option and at the same time will take your celebration treat to the next level.

You can have the petals of the dried flowers mix them in a liquid wax and paint them on the existing candle that you have so that once they solidify they make interesting gifts for the occasion. You can even light up those candles on a romantic date night for your beloved.

Dried flowers can be the perfect things to be used to get rid of the dampening smell that you get from your clothes during the monsoon. Hence, place these dried petals in your cupboards and all those places where you have kept your linen to infuse a fresh smell.

Bath bombs can be interesting thing to do with dried flowers you can put the dried flowers in your bath tub and enjoy the mild fragrance of these flowers while taking bath in lukewarm water which will be an interesting thing to do during the occasions.

So the next time you send flowers to USA to your aunt, send these tips handy with them so that they can make best use of the dried flowers