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One of the few cities in the world with such a unique history to share with all those who vacation here, London is without a doubt a tourist favorite. The London Trip Plan would be incomplete if it did not include below listed attractions. Few free trip planners such as; provides the flexibility to create your own travel itinerary, you can select and include these attractions and places according to the set budget.


  1. The Elizabeth Tower- Commonly known as the Big Ben (Which is in fact a misnomer) the Elizabeth tower is the most famous clock tower in the world. Resting right beside the river Thames, the Elizabeth tower is an absolute must see on the journey guide to London. A trip to the tower can be accompanied by a trip to Westminster Pier which is an excellent place to enjoy a view of the mighty river Thames and only a short ways away is the London Eye, the view from which is absolutely spectacular. One can travel to these places using the best transport system in London, the underground and getting off as Westminster Station for a hassle free journey. One can also visit the Florence Nightingale Museum only a hop skip and jump from the Elizabeth tower on the other side of the mighty Thames.visit-in-london1
  2. The Tower of London and Tower Bridge- These two landmarks in London make for a great dual visit as they are very near each other and happen to be some of the finest World Heritage sights. Having stood the London grounds for nearly 1000 years, this marvel of Norman military architecture is well worth the trip. The Tower Bridge, which connects the two river banks of the Thames here, is the most brilliant piece of Victorian architecture in the whole city and as an added bonus, the “Girl with the Dolphin” fountain, only a short walk away makes for a great walking trip. Le Pont de La tour is a great 19th century tea warehouse turned French restaurant by the River that makes for a great lunch pit stop on this vacation.visit-in-london2
  3. Westminster Abbey- Without a doubt one of the best examples of true gothic architecture, Westminster Abbey is landmark a Collegiate church. The beautiful inner halls make for a wonderful day to admire a building that has seen 700 years of history. Westminster abbey is a short ways away from The Elizabeth tower and is also very close to the Palace of Westminster, the home of the UK parliament.visit-in-london3
  4. The Shard and Gherkin- Some of the more modern works of architecture in London, these famous buildings are a must have on the journey guide as they really stand out amongst the old architecture of London with their striking design language and glass facades. The skyline is entirely changed with the inclusion of these buildings.visit-in-london4
  5. Oxford Street- The one stop shop for shops, Oxford Street is home to some of the most legendary stores and restaurants in the world. The street is almost 2 kilometers of shops, cafes and restaurants that can keep even the most active tourists busy all day once they take a train to Bond Street station via the underground. The Cote Brasserie and Spaghetti house are some of the most revered restaurants along this street and are definitely worth a visit while spending time in the heart of London.visit-in-london5
  6. Buckingham Palace and St James Park- Undoubtedly one of the most well-known of all royal residences, Buckingham Palace is the residence of the monarch of the UK. The royal grounds and palace is a sight to behold from afar and although it is easily accessible from St. James Park station, St. James Park stadium actually makes for a far more entertaining trip. Being the home of Newcastle United FC, the stadium hosts both football matches and concerts during the off season. The stadium is actually revered as being one of the best in terms of accessibility, parking etc which makes for a worry free experience.