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Spots for a Perfect Spinster Party

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Mark one of the quintessential events of a woman’s life is the final blowout that she want to have with her besties. It is the spinster party that she wants to have with just her friends and absolutely nobody else. People might be of the opinion that spinster party is too exaggerated but trust me this is what every woman wants before she eventually ties the knot. So to make your spinster party to be real fun, we have rounded up some amazing destinations that are sure to fill the party with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm.

Road Trip to Ladakh

A Road Trip to Ladakh

This destination might be on her bucket list for quite some time but she could never accomplish it And it is important that before you tie the knot and get yourself strangled it is important that you make way for this much-awaited road trip. Get all your girlfriends, hire an SUV and head for the road trips that you might have only dreamt off. This is your chance!!!

Himachal Pradesh

An adventurous turn to Himachal Pradesh 

If you are an adventure junkie, it is time to satiate your adrenaline rush by trying out some of the best adventure sport which Himachal Pradesh has to offer, starting from paragliding, trekking and even angling which will leave you completely satiated. These adventure sports is going to leave you with some awesome memories which you are surely going to cherish later.

Food Trail

Explore Delhi’s Food Trail

If you are a hard-core foodie, it is the time that you take out all your girlfriends to the food trail that you always wanted to have. After all, you husband wouldn’t expect you to take a stroll and sneakily enter the JNU campus late at night. It can be either to ChandniChowk which has an array authentic Delhi cuisine which will make your taste buds crave for it more and more. If you want to relish steamy momos and thumps then DilliHaat or the JNU Campus is the place to be. And if you are amongst the unlucky ones who cannot make up for the spinster party, you can get fresh flower arrangements to convey your warm wishes to the friend who is going to get married.

Get lost in the desserts

Get lost in the desserts

It is time to get lost in the dunes of Jaisalmer where you cannot just party with your friends but at the same time enjoy camel rides too. It will be the perfect blend of royalty with simplicity. Stay in the luxury camps where you can share your wedding anxiety with your closest friends.

Go Goa

Go Goa

Want a party that lasts long. Hit Goa! No matter which time or month of the year you visit but Goa is always full of people partying and dancing all through the night. And it is definitely not going to be the same once you get married so it is the only chance that you have with your friend