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Perfect summer destinations according to your personality.

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That’s it, summer is just around the corner and it is the perfect season to getaway and relax a little bit in the middle of the year.

Whether your travel personality is (an adventurous who love to discover new places or a traditional who enjoys laying down at the beach) find out which destination you will enjoy the most through this post.

The Beach.

If you love to hear the sound of crashing ocean waves in the morning and enjoy the sun rays laid down in the sand without worrying about anything, this is the perfect summer plan for you. Sensitive, reflective and emotional personalities like this place.

Beach plans are not just for relaxed people, it depends if you want to take a quiet vacation or if you want to hang out with friends and chill. Extroverts and friendly people love this as well.

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A big city.

It seems like you love movement, style and flashing lights everywhere, don’t you?  Artistic, stylish, intellectual and ambitious personalities rather to choose big cities while traveling, the reason? They love walking around the famous avenues and streets looking for new and fancy places and buildings.

As a safety tip, you just need to take care of yourself as always: avoiding dark and lonely places in NYC, asking for a private shuttle to lax instead of taxi cabs in Downtown LA or checking some Yelp reviews before eating.

Cabin in the woods.

Your perfect picture of a vacation plan is a hidden cabin at the woods with someone special; away from people, stress and movement. You probably love nature contact and spending your day making outdoor activities like morning hikes, setting hammock between the trees and a perfect bonfire at night are activities that romantics, introverts and wild ones really enjoy.

Places like Big Bear, Yosemite, Sequoia Park or Branson are perfect destinations for those personalities, people feel connected, inspired and more relaxed during them trip.

Concerts & Festivals.

Socials, easy goings, and partiers love summer concerts and festivals like anything else in this world. It seems like they really wait and get prepared for this season throughout the year and they don’t need vacations to charge batteries, they already have them charged and ready to rock.

There will be lots of awesome festivals this and next year so, get ready. Here are the 50 best music festivals in the world.

Stay in House.

Certainly, you don’t need a “Beginner’s Guide to Barbecues”, you ARE the guide. Leaders, organized and enthusiasts love to make these kind of close events.

is the perfect way to socialize with your closest friends so, this summer, turn the heat up on your hosting skills and up your game with a delicious ribs or hamburgers and drinks.