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5 Men’s Fashion Must Haves For 2017

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Men’s fashion isn’t as complicated as you may think.  Whether you’re trying to dress up or down, there are key pieces that will give any collection versatility, personality, and individuality. Use these 5 men’s fashion must haves for 2017.  Give your style an edge that’s sure to be noticed!

Fashion Chat:

Definition of Basic: A simple tee, Henley, jeans, or pant, that can be mixed and matched to give versatility to you style.   

  1. A basic you love that makes you look good. In every color. Nothing better than a great basic to throw into the travel bag to make decision-making easy when that spontaneous opportunity to seize life appears.

  1. An Awesome Travel Bag: Something that you can bring to work every day. Also pack up to throw on your back, or in your car or in an overhead compartment. Because this is going to be the year to not limit yourself.

  1. The mantra tee. Everyone needs something aspirational in their life. Why not wear it on your chest? This year is about death to limits. saying what you want and visualizing a change.  What better way to do it than on your chest.

  1. A pair of boots to live in. The best item to have on your foot for daily life, evening life, outdoor & indoor.

  1. Waistcoat. The perfect compact item to dress up the basic going into a meeting or on that date. And always look dapper.

Take your style to a whole new level with these 5 men’s fashion must haves.  Edgy doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated or over the top.  Great creative and make 2017 your year to show your dapper style in your daily life!

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