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5 Essential Steps to Find the Right Keynote Speaker for Your Event

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Are you in search of a great keynote speaker for your next business event or conference? Finding just the right keynote speaker is crucial to ensure that your event gets a raving success. Whether you want to teach your staff time management skills or motivate them, finding a competent speaker like executive coaching Brisbane Dr. Louise Mahler, who can deliver real results is essential. From the following five steps, you can learn how to have a keynote speaker that will captivate your audience and give results.

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1. Decide What You Want

Before even you start worrying about how you would get a perfect keynote speaker, recognize what exactly you want to achieve. You can decide this based on the main theme of your event or conference. Also, what should be the tone of the meeting to ensure that the rest of it flows smoothly? Do you want that your employees should learn a particular skill or you just want them motivated? Once you understand on what note your event should run, it will become easier for you to find a professional keynote speaker who will deliver what you need.

2. Schedule the Event

Excellent keynote speakers are usually in a high demand and obviously, have hectic schedules because they keep traveling across the country for what people invite them. Before you start sending out emails and making calls, decide a date and time for your conference. This will make the process easier for you and them if they are already booked, not wasting your or their time. Narrow down your list on the basis of availability, the resources, and tools they provide to fulfill your expectations and their fees.

3. Schedule an Interview

Once your narrowed down the list of potential speakers is ready, schedule interviews with them. If you are not in the same city as that of the speakers, you have to depend on a phone interview to gauge if they have gained a strong understanding of what outcomes you want.

During the interview, your questions should be about if they have verifiable references, do they offer customization and if they do, up to what level, do they do research before the speech and so on. Don’t forget to ask if traveling charges, car rentals etc will be included in their fee or will have to be given additionally. This will make it easy for you to choose the speaker who will meet your major requirements.

4. Book Your Speaker and Stay in Contact

Once you find the right person for your job, contact them and book them with a deposit. Don’t forget that you should stay in contact with your keynote motivational speaker until the day of address arrives. During this period, make sure that they get everything required from your end to guarantee the excellent success of your event.

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5. Follow Up

You are the organizer of the event and keynote speech. Your responsibility doesn’t end with the event. If you come to know that your selected speaker had a great impact on your staff and is receiving a positive feedback, this is the time to go ahead and take things to the next level, instead of just sitting back satisfied. Keep in touch with the speaker and inquire if s/he can help you in other areas which need improvement.

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