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Australian-Made Vodkas You Can Try

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Lately, the trend seems to be all about buying local—produce, meat, clothing, and now…vodka? Buying locally made alcohol can ensure you’re getting a quality product while supporting your community. Vodka is actually one of the healthier types of alcohol you can drink, and with premium ingredients, you’ll need little to no fattening mixers to enjoy your drink. These five Australian distilleries produce some of the best vodka and best of all, they’re made right in your backyard.

Cheers to that!

  1. Small Mouth Vodka

This Australian-made vodka is quality vodka at its finest—handmade in small batches to ensure each bottle is made perfectly, Small Mouth uses only premium, organic ingredients. Repeatedly rated one of the best Australian vodkas, Small Mouth is a craft vodka that is sure to become your new go-to drink.


Recommendation: vodka martini, straight up with a twist

  1. Hippocampus

There’s a reason this local,independent distillery takes so much pride in their simple but effective craft: their hand-bottled small batches are rich and smooth, and you can definitely taste the difference between this and other, mass-made vodkas. This craft vodka doesn’t come cheap, but it is well worth the indulgence.

Recommendation: on the rocks with tonic and lime

  1. Red Dirt Distillery

This distillery, run by couple Susie and David, is the epitome of a small-town, family business but they make renowned, high-quality vodka that you won’t be able to get enough of. They offer unique options like potato or rhubarb vodka that are a must-try, but hurry because they sell out fast.

Recommendation: Potato Vodka, neat, room temperature and sipped

  1. Archie Rose

This distillery is a much larger operation, but they still manage to make it feel small, and family-run with a great, outgoing staff. Almost all the equipment is handmade, which speaks to the dedication and thoroughness of their team. Their Sydney-made vodka is on the sweeter side, with a crisp finish that brings to mind the taste of apples and mint. Best of all, you can visit their distillery and see the process first-hand, and then follow it with a visit to their trendy on-site bar.

Recommendation: signature South Sydney Side cocktail made with Archie Rose Original Vodka

  1. Harris Organic Vodka

This organic and sustainable grape vodka is made by the only certified-organic distillery in Perth; their philosophy is to make the best possible vodka without doing damage to the environment. You can feel good drinking this quality vodka made without preservatives, additives, or chemicals by a distillery that is completely carbon neutral—not an easy feat!

Recommendation: Organic Chilli Vodka, neat