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Taking Care of Your Motorcycle Tyres

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A well-maintained motorcycle will look great and you will also feel good while driving it. As a motorcycle owner, it is imperative on your part to pay proper attention and apply genuine means of maintenance. The most important part of your bike is tyres. If your motorcycle has a good pair of tyres dubai, it will not only look good it will also ensure the safety of your vehicle. Your motorcycle tyre is the only thing which is between you and the pavement that is why you have to keep them in good health and shape always.

Experts suggest regular checking and examination of side walls of tyres; this will help you check any signs of wear and tear.

Cleaning Of Motorcycle Tyres

It is imperative to clean your motorcycle at regular interval, this will also help you check wear and tear and your bike will look great. Cleaning your motorcycle tyres is not a difficult task. All you need for the cleaning process is soft cloth, scrub brush, motorcycle specific soap and water. It will be better if you avoid using different types of detergents to clean your motorcycle because strong soaps may not be conducive to the motorcycle tyres. You are supposed to use acid free soap so that it will not hearm the metal and rubber tyre. In case you see grease on the tyre, then wipe it off immediately because chemicals present in these products may cause harm to the tyres.


You can spray liquid soap on the motorcycle tread and sidewall, if you find too much mud on it, then first use water. Use scrub brush for removing mud then clean the tyre with fresh water.

Cleaning the Wheel

You can also use the same products in cleaning the metal wheels of your motorcycle. There are different types of brushes available which will help you to remove the dirt which is stuck in the hub of the wheel.

Checking the Tread of Tyres

You need to check your motorcycle tyre treads if a tyre gets to 2/32 mm, then this is the right time to change it. Different states have different specifications and you are supposed to abide by the rules and regulations of your state. This is because the rules and regulations are for your safety and you need to go as per the rules. The tread of motorcycle tyre is responsible to maintain the balance of your bike on the road. If the tread is too low, then your bike will not get a good grip on the road. When you apply brake you may lose control and end up in a crash.

There is a quick and easy way for motorcycle owners to know, whether their tyre treads is low or not. You need a penny and keep it in the tread upside down and check if Abraham Lincoln head and hair is covered by the tread or not. If it is covered by the tread, then you don’t need to buy new tyres dubai. In case the tread cannot cover the head of Abraham Lincoln, then the tread is dangerously low and you need to change it now.