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12 safety Catholic Dating Rules

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Catholic match is different from other forms of ‘religious’ dating. For instance, Catholics define a dating relationship is a joyful practice that should be incompatible with sin. There are rules that you must adhere to if you are engaging in catholic dating.

Define your purpose for your dating relationship

You need to understand what the purpose of dating is; which is to develop a close relationship that will eventually lead to marriage. It is therefore important for you to keep that in mind at all times. This will really impact your relationship positively.

The relationship is based on prayer and faith

Your relationship need to lead and help you develop spiritually. If that is not what you are getting from the relationship then it is time to end it.

Avoid being alone

The Roman Catholic doctrine does not promote intimacy between people who are not married. You need to therefore ensure that you uphold this in your relationship. One way that you can achieve that is avoiding secluded places where you can be tempted.

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Embrace who you are

You need to be honest in yourself and your partner. Don’t try to act that you are someone that you are not. This will only do damage to your relationship.

Engage in helpful conversations

Even if you are not intimate with each other, you need to avoid any form of sex talk. This will help you to avoid all conversations about sex or any related topics.

Dress appropriately

You need to ensure that you are dressed in a respectful manner. Do not dress in a manner that is provoking.

Don’t engage in tempting activities

Kissing is fine if it is a peck and quick. You need to avoid engaging in activities that you will tempt you.

Engage in active activities

If you are going to engage in dates, the dates need to be more active. You can try to figure out what activities you can both enjoy and try to participate in them.

Communicate with your partner

Communication is important. You need to be able to be able to communicate with your partner about your insecurities.

Avoid ‘questionable’ activities

All people have desires and passions and you are no different. You should therefore avoid engaging in activities that can cause arousal.

Don’t keep the relationship a secret

It is easy for you to be held accountable for your actions if your family and friends know about your relationship.

End the relationship if it is toxic

If you find out that your partner is not the right person for you, end the relationship before it is too late.