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10 Myths About Chiropractic Doctors Busted!

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Chiropractic is an entirely natural form of healthcare that corrects spinal misalignments and other related health issues through spinal adjustments. It is a kind of treatment that corrects and relaxes the nervous system. With the help of chiropractic adjustments, headaches, neck pains, migraines and even TMJ disorders can be healed. The best part is that it works without any kind of surgery or medicine. Below are some common myths associated with chiro treatment, and we will bust them all.

Chiropractic Adjustment is Painful

A chiropractic adjustment does not cause pain; rather it helps in bringing the locked up joints back to full motion. Chiropractic physicians are not “bone crushers”. Chiro therapy ranges from treating a minor back pain to major sciatic nerve pain. Unlike traditional medical treatment, chiropractic therapy does not include the application of drugs and surgery. With highly skilled and trained chiro experts, you will not feel pain rather it will boost your energy.

Chiro Therapy is Costly

Chiropractic treatment is both time-saving and cost-effective. For major diseases like sciatic nerve pain treatment, surgery might become imperative in the case of traditional treatment, while chiropractic therapy can heal you without the application of drugs and surgery. Conventional medical care includes the charges of consultation, MRI and X-RAY costs. Chiropractic is devoid of such expenses, so the overall therapy is reasonable and much less than usual medical treatment. Instead of taking a tablet for migraine treatment, why not refer to a chiropractor?

You are bound to Visit Forever If You Visit Once

As opposed to medical treatment, you are not obliged to visit a chiropractor throughout your life. It totally depends on you whether or not you want to continue the cure. Skipping chiropractic adjustments will not hinder your fitness. Yes, it does help in dealing with stress and the everyday headaches if you visit regularly, but you are not bound to go to your chiropractor throughout your life, or depend on chiropractic treatment all the time.

Chiropractic Care is Chancy

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has found that chiropractic care is safe in general when employed skillfully and appropriately. Of course, the application of drugs to your body is much more harmful than this mechanical treatment. So, to eliminate the constant headaches and tension you experience, rely on chiropractic therapy!

Only Back Pain is treated

Not only back pain, chiropractic solutions include neck pain, and even treats sciatic nerve pain. Not only this, it cures the pain caused during pregnancy. Chiropractic professionals work to improve joint functions resulting in stress relief. A chiropractor who treats people with sciatica realigns the spine, taking away the pressure of the nerve and deals with managing stress. If you have rounded shoulders, it can also be corrected easily through chiropractic therapy by working on improving your body posture. Chiro treatment also covers the TMJ disorders. It prescribes various TMJ exercises to treat the disorders.

Not for Kids

Chiropractic care offers a solid foundation for the wellness of your child. It improves posture plus helps to boost the immune system of your baby. Estimates tell that many children suffer from spine-related traumas even before turning 5. Improved sleeping plus improved behaviour and attitude are observed in children after chiropractic therapy. It encourages nerve and brain development too.

Insurance Plans not Available

The next time anyone says that chiropractic therapy is not covered under medical insurance cover, prove them wrong. Chiropractic cure is included in most of the medical insurance plans like Medicare, some Medicaid plans, Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. The specifics, like the number of visits allowed, amount covered, etc. depends on each health plan.

Chiropractors are Less Qualified than Medical Doctors

There are many misconceptions about chiropractic practices and how the chiropractic doctors are trained. Like medical professionals (with 2756 hours of study and training), chiropractic professionals are also highly qualified with approximately 2887 hours of educational and clinical practice. They need to undergo either five years of combined bachelor degree or a 2-3 year masters programme following the completion of a bachelor degree. Following this, a doctorate in chiropractic also exists. In no way are chiropractors  less qualified than other medical doctors.


Prescribed Medicines are Safe

Being a medicine-free substitute to traditional medical treatment, chiropractic treatment is much safer than the prescribed medications. Side-effects are an inevitable part of prescribed drugs but chiropractic therapy is devoid of any such effects. So it remains a myth that prescribed and over – the – counter medicines are completely safe.

Chiropractic Therapy Hardly Works

Some very well-known people have benefitted from continuous chiropractic treatment all over the world. This just goes to show the power of this natural treatment method. The names of Emmitt Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan, and Leonardo DiCaprio are on the list of famous people who took chiropractic treatment and gained immensely.

So, if you are facing any kind of spinal issues, waste no time and get in touch with a chiropractor to receive complete and reliable treatment of your pain issues today.