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Ultimate Trading Experience with the EzTrader Platform

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EzTrader is a European binary options trading platform that was established in 2008. The company offers online trading facilities that cover many assets in different markets. The availability of unique features and tools has created room for non-institutional investors in the derivative security market.

Many binary products and firms that offer this type of trade have raised controversy in the media over claims the industry is too risky and could lead to high losses. However, EzTrader, despite offering traders with a platform in the same sector, has managed to help traders make the best of their investment.

This has been possible through free guides and information provided on real-time basis on the EzTrader blog.The blog posts information about the movement of the market and advises traders on steps they could make to achieve profitability. EZTrader is among few companies that are offering traders filtered information that is useful for decision making.

History and overview

EzTrader was launched in 2008 in Cyprus and the company has since gained popularity among experienced and beginner investors. Account opening balance begins from as low as $200 and one can trade with as little as $25. Additionally, traders are paid 95 percent returns, an amount that few companies in the market can allow.

The company offers option contracts against FTSE 100 market indices, the Euro Dollar and British Pound, commodities such as gold, oil and silver to mention a few. Traders can also extend their trades for up to 24 hours, making the company popular in the UK market. EzTrader is also expanding to overseas nations like Australia, where the company has made positive progress.

EzTrader Regulations

Unlike many firms that operate without regard to local laws, Ez Trader is regulated by both the CySEC and local authorities of host countries. This confirms doubts among traders and acts like assurance that they will not encounter dishonest practices on the platform. The company was issued with regulatory licensing in 2013 by CySEC, appearing among the first companies to acquire such licensing.

The role of CySEC is to oversee the activities of options trading companies to ensure they conform to the legislative regulations and procedures recommended for the industry. The regulatory body prevents possible fraud and promotes higher level security, which secures investors’ funds. For EzTrader to qualify for licensing, the company had to meet several accounting and banking requirements. These requirements include adherence to reporting practices that highlight the integrity of the company’s financial reports.

Trading tools

Traders no longer need to spend a lot of time analyzing the market to understand what assets to pick. EzTrader has introduced a new robot that can predict results with high accuracy levels. The bot, which is referred to as Searching Profits, scans the stock market to pick useful data, which is then applied in the calculation of results through scientific methods. This system is only available to members and it has proven to offer high accuracy levels.

Asset review help

The account managers at Ez Trader understand that not every individual who joins the company may have the necessary skills. In this view, the company offers free assistance to clients who are not sure about the best way to select assets. The personnel are well trained and experienced in the industry, so their counsel is always helpful.

EZTrader partnerships

EzTrader, apart from being the biggest trading platform in Europe, has also invested in several organizations and sports teams. On the EzTrader FC, you will find a list of football teams that receive support from EzTrader.