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Turn a Last-Minute Trip to London into an Unforgettable Experience

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If you are planning a last-minute trip to London then this can turn out to an unforgettable experience packed full of interesting activities. However, are you worried that a lack of time to plan the break could work against you?

You certainly shouldn’t feel that you are limited in what you do when you come here at short notice for a break. The following ideas can help make this into one of the most exciting trips of your life.

Go the Theatre

One of the best things to do on a last-minute city break to the UK capital is make a trip to see a show in the West End. While this is a massively popular thing to do, there are enough shows at different venues for you to be able to choose one even when time is short.

Try having a look online and you might even find a great deal on a show that costs you less than you expected to pay. Perhaps you will choose a classic, long running show such as the Lion King, Les Miserables or the Phantom of the Opera.

Alternatively, you might decide to check one of the hot new shows being presented in one of the city’s theatres. Either way, you are guaranteed a fantastic night out in this way.

Enjoy Your Food

While the most popular restaurants in the city are often booked out well in advance, finding somewhere interesting to eat in London shouldn’t be a problem. Perhaps you will go to a quality restaurant, head to a market or look for a food truck to try.

London is famous for the huge variety of different types of cuisine that you can try here. Will you go for traditional British food at Borough Market or add some Asian spice to your trip in thrilling Chinatown?

Discovering new places to eat can be one of the most interesting things about a last-minute trip here and it is well worth taking a chance on something new.

Head Out on a Boat Trip

A great way of seeing London at any time is to get out on a boat trip on the Thames. Thames river cruises offer a fun way to get a different view of the city and rack up a new experience at the same time.

Ideally, you will book this in advance online but there should be no need to do it with a lot of anticipation. In fact, booking something like this at the last minute can add a lot of excitement to the trip and give you an unexpected delight.

You can check out the likes of a Thames afternoon tea cruise or jazz cruise to see the kind of ways in which you can enjoy this activity.

See the Classic Tourist Sights

One of the drawbacks of going on a last-minute trip to anywhere is that it doesn’t give you a lot of time to work out what to see. If you arrive here after a whirlwind day or two you might not have had time to investigate the options open to you.

Yet, it is almost certain that you have already heard of some of the classic tourist attractions here. For example, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace are places that we have all heard of at some point.

Therefore, why not just head straight out and see these incredible places? After all, they are so popular for a number of good reasons and won’t disappoint you.

Let an App Guide You

As it is such an amazingly popular tourist destination, it is no surprise that there are a number of great mobile apps to guide you around London. These let you discover historic spots, new restaurants, bars and all sorts of other attractions.

There are even augmented reality London apps that bring the city to life in front of your eyes. This kind of app can help you to discover more about the history of the city, as well as helping you to solve more mundane issues that you might come across.

You won’t know exactly where a mobile app will guide you to in London, which is part of the charm of getting around the city in this way. Just let your mobile device take control and become your personal guide.

By following one of more of these tips you can get a sensational trip to London even at extremely short notice. Don’t be put off this dream trip just because of a lack of time to organise it in the way that you might normally do.