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Revitalize your Hair And Get An All New Look

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2 ways to renew your mane’s appearance!

Having hair-related troubles? In this article, we’ll tell you how to give your mane’s color a second breath of life as well as how to renew your dirty hair’s appearance!

If you want to revitalize your hair color, you might want to try out a coloring rinse. Not everyone has a chance to use an organic hair color system at one of the best hair salons. If you are one of those, who needs a more budget-friendly method, your can stick to the more traditional herbal options. Infuse different plants depending on your mane. Girls with blonde locks can benefit from the chamomile rinse. For the redheads, the hibiscus flowers will be an obvious choice. The dark-haired gals can use henna or even indigo. The latter, however, will turn your locks the bluish-black, so be careful. If you are feeling particularly playful, you can use more unorthodox rinses. For example, the blondes can douse their mane in vodka or champagne. They will renew the color, strip the dirt, and add some luster to the otherwise dull tresses. Fiery-haired girls can use cranberry juice — it will successfully brighten the color up. Brunettes can use more affordable products found in every household – black tea and coffee. Soak your locks in the brew of choice and leave it in for several hours before rinsing out. Quick tip: you can also use beer if you want to give your mane some shine and volume. Do not overuse the alcohol, though; otherwise, you can dry your strands out making them appear dull and damaged.


Need your locks to be clean and fresh but have no time actually to wash them? Dry shampoo, cornstarch, and baby powder are you best friends. They won’t actually cleanse your scalp, but they will make it appear less greasy. Apply the product of choice to the roots as generously as possible and let it sit. This beauty life-hack will also give you some additional volume you might need by the second or third day! If your tresses are on the darker side, and you are afraid of the infamous white cast, there are other options for you. First of all, you can add cocoa powder to the cornstarch and baby powder. It will help to reduce the light residue. Make sure to get the unsweetened kind, though – the sugar in the regular cocoa powder will react to the oils and sweat and can cause serious infection. If you are a redhead, you can try switching cocoa powder with cinnamon. Although, we don’t recommend doing it unless you absolutely have to. You scalp might itch and sometimes even burn if it is hot outside. You can try to use aloe vera gel or any product, which contains alcohol. Perfume, cologne, mouthwash, all of them will work. Apply a small amount of the product to the roots and massage it in.

Try out these 2 hair hacks from the next time you have any of these problems!