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The Most Thrilling Winter Sports Option in the UK

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The British winter is typically seen as being a time to stay warm in the house until some better weather comes along.

However, you might not realise that there are more thrilling winter sports option here than you had ever thought about. In fact, if you want an active winter with a lot of sport then this is a great place to do it.

Snow Tubing

If you have ever tried tubing on a river then you know how amazingly exhilarating this sport is. Well, the good news is that doing it on snow is possible even better.

Basically, you sit on an inflatable tube that slides down a special type of course. It is perhaps best viewed as being like a smoother and more exciting type of tobogganing.

There are a lot of places where you can try this in indoor snow centres across the county. There are particularly extensive options for trying it in Scotland, but it is worth looking for a place to do it wherever you happen to be.

Nordic Skiing

This thrilling variant on skiing is amazing fun while also being a terrific form of exercise. It is kind of like cross country skiing with some ski jumps thrown in to the mix as well.

The ski is attached at the front of your foot, which makes it easier to get around different types of terrain. It is a tough sport to get started on but it is incredibly rewarding once you get into the swing of things.

There are Nordic ski clubs across the UK, even in unlikely places such as London. However, they will often use roller skis when there isn’t enough snow, or else travel to find places with lots of the white stuff.

Snow Walking

The great thing about snow walking is that you can do it anywhere with enough deep snow. The downside is that in many parts of the country the snowfall isn’t often enough for enjoying this hobby.

When you see that there is enough snow out there then the next step is to pull on some special snowshoes over the top of your normal shoes. You should also look to stay safe by using poles and planning your route carefully.

This is a highly invigorating type of sport that will leave you tired but feeling fantastic. You should also remember to use a good boot liner to avoid getting the inside of your car all wet and dirty after the walk.

Ice Skating

Those people who have never experienced the thrill of ice skating might not realise just how enjoyable it is. The feeling of gliding across the ice is simply something that you need to experience in order to appreciate it.

There are numerous ice rinks dotted across the UK, with some of them permanent and others only open on a temporary or seasonal basis. You will almost certainly have one that is close to you, no matter where you live.

Some of the country’s best skating rinks are to be found in the Eden Project in Cornwall, Somerset House in London and next to Winchester Cathedral.

Ice Hockey

This is a sport that we tend to associate with countries like Canada and the US. However, it is also possible to try this action-packed activity in the UK now as well.

Alexandra Palace is a good place to get going if you live in London. Otherwise, you will want to check to see what local teams you could maybe get a game with close to your home.

As with most of these interesting winter sports, it is important to use the right gear. As well as this you will need to consider the importance of using Mercedes boot liners or the right model for whatever vehicle you drive.

Ice Climbing

The name of ice climbing is exciting enough to get most of us looking forward to winter with more anticipation than normal. The joy of climbing up a wall of sheer ice is hard to explain but the adrenalin rush will get you hooked on this sport right away.

Apparently the world’s largest indoor ice wall is to be found in Kinlochleven. Apart from this 15 metre beauty, you will also find a very nice and challenging ice climb in Manchester too.

This is a great example of the kind of sport that can really liven up your winter months. If sitting around in the house trying to keep warm doesn’t appeal to you then why not get out and try something like this instead?