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Things That Make It Imperative To Opt For IMX6 SOM

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The human race owes a huge to the world of the technology because it is constantly evolving itself into something that is making our life better than previous. Today, there are already an abundance of technology-oriented things available that is making our lives, business, and industries perfect and successful. But, to run the technology in a better way, one needs to rely on another way to boost the technology to work properly and in a better way.

In the recent time, you must have heard about the IMX6 lately. It is system- on-module (SOM) that supports NXP/Freescale’s IMXG squad and is a dual processor Cortex-A9.


What it is all about?

It measures somewhere to 20mmx 50 mm and offers amazing performance and scalability. Boosted with optimized power feasting, this small IMX6 SOM is perfect for all the portable and battery running devices. It is extremely integrated in the terms of connectivity incorporating dual band wi-fi/BT with an additional MIMO, Gigabit Ethernet, dual USB, A/V interface, and PCle. Other than this, the system further maintains complete- 40 to 85 industrial operating Temperature.

Main features that makes it an ideal choice

The small kit is filled with many features that makes it an ideal choice for everyone using technology in any means, especially the ones using the battery embedded devices. Some of its main features are mentioned below.

  • Freescale IMX6 series SoC
  • Expandable to 64 GB eMMC data storage
  • LCD interfact upto 24 bit
  • 2 xLVDS display interface
  • Dual/Quad ARM Cortex – A9 core
  • Comprised with Digital Microphone
  • One hand power supply

These are not the only features that make the device an outstanding choice for everyone utilizing one or two gadgets runs on the battery. This kit is an amazing for everyone looking for the minimal power supply to the machines that runs on the battery.In the world where things are getting so expensive each day, why people won’t rely on something that guarantees the less consumption of energy, be it in any form.

Though the product is not so old to be available in the marketplace or your nearby local shop, it is easily available on the internet. Many online sites are selling out this item and you just need to find the right place to make your purchase at. This small kit can save alot for you and your organizations.