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A half saree is a conventional outfit that is to a great degree identifiable with South India. Alluded to as LangaVoni in Telugu, PattuPavadaiDaavani in Tamil and LangaDavani in Kannada, this outfit is worn by ladies who have crossed adolescence and are qualified for marriage. This half saree has three principle segments that incorporate the skirt, called the Langa, which is tied around the abdomen with a string. The Voni, a material that is typically 2 to 2.5 meters long, works like the pallu or dupatta and is hung over the choli or shirt which is the third piece.

This outfit began as a way to mark the move from adolescence to adulthood, as most kids wear a less complicated skirt and top. On achieving pubescence, ladies would celebrate a festival or a transitional experience that would stamp their qualification for marriage.

Style and Variety

Like practically everything else, a half saree is accessible in an assortment of styles, going from the way the tops are designed to the way the skirts are composed. It requires investment to discover superb furniture at the best costs on the web, yet these tips can help you settle on strong purchasing choices.

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Picking a Furniture Website

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