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Syrians Supporters Speak Out in Aleppo, Syria

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About 55 Syrians Supporters, together with some recent Syrian refugees, were stood in Westlake Park in downtown Seattle to demonstrate solidarity with the citizens of Aleppo, On Sunday afternoon

While you are shopping; bombs are dropping, they descent as just outside the holiday carousel where people doing Christmas shopping and walked by their spot.

“Assad what do you say, how many kids have you killed today?” The pointed attack is continued on the country’s leader.

The world had been hearing as an effort to evacuate civilians from east Aleppo has stalled. All buses set on fires that were meant for evacuating the wounded and sick were reportedly over the weekend.

Methal Dabaj is One of the event organizers, was born in Syria. “It’s really very sad to watch that public left their houses on a freezing day,” she said, as the many citizens in the crowd have kept moving to live warm, in the upper 30s temperatures.

“People in Aleppo, Syria – they really wish for knowing they are not alone and that their voices are heard,” Dabaj said. “They wanted for knowing the action will be taken.”

During the protest, from across the street, a man yelled, “Go back to your own country “Say it loud and say it clear, refugees are welcome here!” Said the group chanted louder.