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Survival Guns: A Responsible Possession

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Universal feeling of safety with survival guns is best achieved by keeping them locked away, when not needed, in a strong vault or gunsafe. A Bighorn safe surely fits the bill!

The debate on the right of keeping survival guns for self defense does not take place in a vacuum. With a mercurial rise in crimes rates, the urge for civilians to protect themselves, their dear ones, and their belongings with the use of licensed personal firearms, is fast becoming common place. This is not just true for men, women too are keeping firearms to get the feeling of “being safe”. With this in view, urban dwellers are adopting various means for their security, and for protecting themselves from intruders. Even though they are investing in surveillance cameras, doors and windows sensors, motion sensors, and other advanced security systems for protecting themselves within their homes,  keeping a survival gun is gaining prominence in today’s trying times.

Strict regulations across the globe

It is common knowledge that in countries like USA, Canada, U.K., Australia and Japan, to name a few, there is one gun for every three individuals. These countries have varied laws in place which regulate and support this privilege. The levels of severity of these prevailing laws are based on the statistics of the unlawful use of these personal weapons. Firearm owners must pass background checks of criminal charges, addiction, and mental well being, before they are permitted to use survival guns. They need to undergo training with respect to how to use these firearms as well. Gun owners also need to renew their license every 3-5 years depending on specific country laws.

Japan takes the cake in this regard and there exists 10 years of imprisonment for an individual using a gun without a license. In addition to  the customary checks and norms, the Japan government has made it mandatory that all guns be kept in gun safe, such as a Bighorn safe, and also provide the local police with the location of the safe. Further, the existing license renewal policy includes giving a written and practical test again, and also getting the health of the gun inspected by the police at regular intervals.

Need for responsible custody

Studies have shown that despite guns being bought for the purpose of self defense, and laws being so stringent, there are many cases of its misuse. The result is that people are inadvertently shot. These firearms lead to cases of homicide and suicide in situations of emotional rage or domestic violence. Worse still are the situations in which they fall into the hands of children at home. While parents may assume that their children do not have access to guns, history has proven otherwise. There have been several shooting incidents in colleges, neighborhoods and malls by students and young children. Hence it is imperative that the guns should be kept in safe custody using a lock and key. One of the means of doing this is by using a gunsafe like Bighorn safe. These safes are in the form of strong vaults made of steel that provide protection against unauthorized or untrained people accessing the gun within. A gun safe also safeguards weapons against burglary.

The answer

So, the issue still remains debatable whether a gun provides protection despite the various norms of usage or is it unsafe to have one at home. The proprietor of a survival gun is the best person to weigh the tradeoffs. It is also his prime responsibility to not just adhere to the laws but also ensure that this lethal device is not unlawfully used by another person.