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Smooth shaving without problems

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Smooth and clean shaving becomes a vital thing during hot summer days. When the temperature rises too high, and less and less cloth remains on, the last thing you need is a bush of hair, under your nose. However, shaving not always goes smoothly, even if you are thirty years old man, and especially if you are in a hurry, trying not to be late at work. Cuts, redness and irritation are unavoidable. That is why our professionals at hair salon Soho, in NYC offer you three essential tips to save your day.

Take a hot shower first 

You should never ever shave unprepared skin. It should be at least a little bit damp. The perfect situation is when you take a hot shower or warm bath, then exfoliate your skin with special remedies, and only then start shaving. All these preparations will soften your skin, hydrate every single cell, and make gliding much smoother. Flows of hot steam will provide you with additional relaxing effect.

Lather up

Lathering up goes right after hot shower. It is impossible to achieve perfect sliding, without any lathering, no matter how expensive and qualitative your razor is. Today, thousands of different gels, foams and creams for men can be found at stores and in the Internet. Read everything what is written on labels and try to use non-alcohol remedies. They protect your skin from cuts.

Aftershave is a must

Don’t neglect after shaving treatment.  If you run out of special products, you can simply wash your face with soap and clean water. Otherwise, you should apply lotion or moisturizer. Choose those, which fit your skin type. If you have a very sensitive skin, look for such tag on the bottle. It will prevent your skin from drying, reduce redness and irritation. Here you should also look for non-alcohol products, because they will give you a “burning skin” effect, so you will be dreaming of putting your face in a fridge or cool swimming pool.

Now you know how to get perfect shaving with minimum efforts. Follow our tips, and stay cool this summer.