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Smart Ways To Wear Sari and Designer Backless Blouse

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When you go saree shopping and see how mannequins are perfectly draped in a saree, you will be left with a feeling if you too could wear one so neatly. Here are a few simple tips that can help you get the perfect drape.

These Indian traditional drapes are now a part of global fashion. You will see many fashion models walking the runway aisles in drapes dowsed in fantastic colors and patterns. You could first master the simpatico drape that goes well with the traditional style, because it is classy and will never go out of fashion.


Make heads turn with the right style of drape

  • The way you tuck the saree can make a lot of difference in the way you look
  • The wrong style of tucking can make you look clumsy
  • Tuck the saree such that it does not look voluminous
  • Do not accumulate pleats and tuck them at a distance if saree is in thick fabric
  • Women with a good figure can drape a saree as tight as possible
  • Women on the heavier side can choose a looser draping style
  • Do not pleat the palla of a saree
  • Choose printed saree if you are short
  • If you are plus size, choose small prints and avoid the loud one

Borders in a saree

A broad border is so out of fashion these days, as they can only make you look plump. You can go backless with blouses and shop for a Designer Backless blouse online. Choose colors that are in contrast and avoid wearing the similar one for the saree as well as the blouse. Matching the blouse and saree color is old fashioned and will make you look like a woman from the 60s.

Color combinations and fabrics

Dark colors make women look slimmer. Choose color combinations that suit your body type as well as the skin tone. Light weighted fabrics can make any woman look slimmer. If you are plus size, choose fabrics like silk and its contemporaries, and ditch fabrics like chiffon and georgette.

Combination fabrics such as nets and tulle, along with other patterns are also in vogue. You can have a palla in an entirely different fabric, as this can add a little zing to your overall look and make it look strikingly unique.

Bust the myth of fat

Most of the women think that if they are plus size, saree might not suit them or make them look even bulkier. This is only a myth. In fact, draping a saree in the right way can make them look slim. For instance, if your arms are not well toned, you can wear long sleeved blouse. If you have a sexy back, show it off with a halter neck or a backless blouse. There are many ways to accentuate your curves and hide the flaws through the combination of a saree and a blouse.


A saree is the purest form that can portray feminism. Anyone wearing a saree looks beautiful and can expect a gush of compliments. So, loose all those anxieties with regard to wearing a saree despite of your weight and complexion and wear them right!