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Serving with Faith with Gospel for Asia

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The glitz and glamour of the present world has blinded the eyes of everyone, people have become self-centred and extremely selfish. This selfishness has penetrated so deep into the skin, that instances of mother killing child and father abusing their own family can be seen so easily. It has become difficult for people to rise above the “I” of their lives.

Everyone wants to come first whether it is in a competition or in life’s status. You have to be on the top, there is no second position that can be accepted. But in this effort to climb the social ladder people are forgetting humanity. Humans are ceasing to be humans and gradually turning themselves into robots or some other entity that does not have feelings of care, compassion, love, faith, mercy, fortitude and all the things that God had instilled in him while creating him.

It is thus that the richer are becoming richer and the poor poorer. But fortunately, there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel, where a few good souls are still present, to understand the meaning of existence and to share it with others – the team of missionaries of Gospel for Asia. This is a group of volunteers and missionaries who render service to the afflicted and neglected people of the society particularly in Asia.


Their primary aim is to preach the Word of God and take Jesus to more and more people of the world. They give their services to these destitute and make them feel wanted and cared for and bring back hope into their not so hopeful lives. The natural disaster victims, the people of slums, the uneducated and illiterate people, the abused and exploited women, the patients of leprosy as also the segregated sections of the society; are the people these missionaries work with.

In fact, in order to be able to help them, these missionaries and volunteers themselves undergo some training so that they can easily adapt to the way of living of these needy people, because it is easier to work with them while staying with them.

Gospel for Asia has different sections of volunteers like the compassionate ministry, the leprosy ministry, the medicine ministry, the slum ministry and the relief/disaster ministry. In each of these ministries they cater to numerous people who are in need without any hesitation and with complete devotion and compassion for these people. Their simple logic behind all this work is that God has asked them to take his word to all the people of the world through their good deeds and gestures. This team of missionaries have taken up the mission of making the love of Christ known to people through their service.

They believe in serving the people with faith, so that they in turn can those people serve others with faith and increase their own faith in God too. It might be practical to get busy with everyday chores and responsibilities to get a satisfied life, but it is a truth that serving others with faith gives you much more satisfaction and happiness that all the riches of the world cannot give.