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Sending a snail-mail – Types of envelopes and what they are used for

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In today’s technologically advanced world, e-mail is very prevalent and it acts as a mode of communication, bringing the world together through the Internet. Before the era of the internet, snail mail was used to communicate with each other from different parts of the country, or even the world. Based on the kind of letter that was written, envelopes were chosen in order to match the size and nature of the letter.


Envelope printing can be done at any quality printer once you have decided the kind of envelope you want to use. There are many types of envelopes that can be used but different kinds of envelopes are used for different purposes. A few of them are:

Air mail envelopes: 

Airmail is used to send across important documents overseas but at a faster speed than snail mail. Usually, a special aircraft transports these mails. Due to uniformity, air mail envelopes have a specific pattern on them that makes them recognisable.

Window envelopes: 

These kinds of envelopes are used to send bills and official documents. They are known as window envelopes because they have a small hole on one side so that the recipient can see the document inside. The cut-out generally shows the name and address, which is printed directly on the paper and not on the envelope.

Square envelopes: 

As the name suggests, these envelopes are square shaped but also come in different colours and designs. These printed, paper envelopes are generally used for formal/informal invites. These kinds of envelopes are unique because of the adhesive that they have on the flap used for sealing. Envelopes of this kind can also be found with texture or padding so as to send delicate items across.

Booklet envelopes: 

Booklet envelopes are much bigger compared to standard envelopes and are used to send a bunch of photos, documents, brochures, and statements – things that you don’t have to fold. Since the size of the envelope is big, anything can be inserted as is without messing up its form. These also come in different colours and you can get them printed. 

Standard envelopes: 

These are also called banker envelopes and are the most widely used type of envelope. Standard envelopes have triangular flaps and are helpful for many. From personal to interoffice communication, these envelopes have been the silent guardians of all sensitive information that is sent across via mail. White is the colour used for professional mails but they also come in different colours.

Pocket envelopes: 

These envelopes are similar to standard envelopes but are usually smaller. The longer pocket envelopes have the flaps on the shorter edge in order to provide some space for the documents inside. These are generally used to store receipts, travellers’ cheques, coupons or even passports.

Disc envelopes: 

There are many times when you have to send a CD or DVD disc and the containers are made out of hard plastic. However, disc envelopes are made out of paper or soft plastic and they are made in such a way that they can accommodate the disc.

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