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Proper Shower Curtain Can Change The Look Of Your Bathroom

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For designers, shower curtains are considered the drapes of the bathroom.  For some people it is the hallmark of a well-coordinated room while for others it serves one purpose – keeping water in the shower and off the floor.  Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, choosing the right shower curtain can often be overwhelming given the types, designs, and colors that are on the market.  However, choosing the right shower curtain is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1.  Fabric

Bachelor pads and college dorms across the country are the haven for using plain, vinyl shower curtain liners as actual shower curtains.  To those who think this is a perfectly acceptable design decision, we beg you to reconsider.  While vinyl is a perfectly acceptable choice for shower curtain liners because of its durability and ease of care, the bathtub or shower is the best place in the bathroom to make a statement.  Using a vinyl curtain liner as a curtain in itself says, “I don’t care.”  Instead, use the curtain liner for its intended purpose – to protect the fabric of the actual curtain from water as well as to keep splashes and drips where they belong.  In such a two-step system the sky is the limit for the fabric choice of the curtain itself.  Burlap, cotton, lace, hemp, and linen are all wonderful choices that make beautiful design statements in what many consider to be the “window” of the bathroom.curtain

  1.  Pattern

From whimsical cartoon characters to nature-inspired prints to geometric designs, the patterns available on shower curtains come in any variety you can imagine.  Choose a design you love, one that speaks to you, but first consider this word of warning.  Juvenile-inspired prints tend to appear childish in adult spaces unless they are paired with carefully chosen art and high-quality linens.  If, as an adult, you truly love comic books and want the superhero-inspired shower curtain in your main bath, consider hanging stylized art to make the bath appear more mature.

  1.  Cost

Some people argue that the cost of a high quality shower curtain seems outrageous when a perfectly good vinyl shower curtain liner does the job (see number 1).  But consider the cost to benefit ratio.  In small spaces, like most bathrooms, a shower curtain can make a big design statement.  When you grow tired of one design, you can completely alter the way the bathroom looks with a single investment.  There are lots of fun shower curtains out there at very reasonable prices. Even if you invest in high-quality materials, changing a shower curtain is far less expensive than changing out fixtures or repainting the space.  So, consider investing in a shower curtain that speaks to you and expresses you personality. Enjoy your spending time in your bathroom, with colorful and exciting shower curtains.