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Scientific Reasons Behind Hinduism Practices

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A myth is a superstitious belief behind following certain practices. Till date, many practices of the Hinduism are considered credulous and obsolete. The science in Ancient India/ Vedic period was very progressive, but due to the ignorance and illiteracy, it was misunderstood as a myth.

  1. IDOL WORSHIP: Idol worship is a very famous practice in Hinduism. All Hindu Gods are given a shape and appearance per the nature of their work. Many people find it superstitious but there is a scientific aspect to it i.e. what we see is what we perceive. Idols of God help the followers in better imagination and higher concentration of the supreme power thereby relaxing the mind, body and the soul. These days you can even order God idols online using sites such as KalyanPuja .
  1. PIERCING OF EARS AND NOSE: Piercing of ears and nose are often considered by the western world as old-fashioned or as a fashion statement, but there are strong scientific reasons behind it.Ear piercing helps in removing the disorders of speech and increases the brainpower/intellect in a human being. Nose piercing controls the hearing problems, respiratory problems and blood pressure. It even normalizes the poison that comes out while breathing carbon dioxide.
  1. WEARING OF TOE RINGS: Toe rings in Hinduism are considered as one of the signs of a married Hindu woman but the science behind wearing one in the 2nd toe is that it has a nerve that directly connects with the heart and uterus of a woman and wearing it in Silver metal will strengthen these body parts.
  1. JOINING BOTH THE PALMS TO MEET: It is the most common practice in Hinduism. It is misjudged that Indians feel uneasy in greeting via a handshake. But there is a strong scientific purpose behind holding both our palms together to welcome a person(Namaste), as when we greet our pressure points of eyes, ears and mind are pressed by our fingers helping us in better concentration and remembering a person for a long time.
  1. FASTING:Some people are under this notion that fasting is just a tool to please God in Hinduism but it has deep-rooted scientific aspect to it. Fasting or non-observance of food helps in detoxification of the body and improvement of the digestive system by eliminating all the toxic materials. It not only reduces the calorie intake but prevents the body from certain diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardio problems etc.