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Remote Controller For Garage Door – How To Fix The Issue If It Stops Working Properly

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When you install the automatic or electronically operated doors to your garage, the installation company will hand you over the remote control that is required to easily handle the garage doors. With this in hand, you can easily park or take your vehicle out of the garage without the need to get off your car or even to lift the heavy shutter doors of the garage.

How does the Remote Control Works

When you press the “OPEN” button on the remote controller, the controller then sends an IR signal or also known as infrared signal. When this IR signal reaches the receiver installed on the garage door, it automatically triggers the door to either open or close accordingly. However, the remote controller can be of great use only if it is within the perimeter, within which the signal can easily reach the receiver on the door.

  • Damage in Remote Controller

Sometimes you might notice that the remote controller will not be working properly, even though when you are within the range of signal transmission. The problem will be shown by the improper working of the door, even after you have pressed the “OPEN” or “CLOSE” button on the remote controller.

  • Taking care of the Issue

Most of the linear remotes will have some issues that might be either big one or small one. Bigger issues require consulting the repair services, whereas smaller issues can be handled by you. Some of the commonly seen issues with remote controller are listed below.

  • Batteries

Garage door remote controller is just like a regular remote controller that is used to operate TV. There are more chances of the remote controller not working because of battery issues. If the battery is empty or nearing to becoming empty, then remote controller might stop working properly.

It is suggested to make a note of the day when you change the battery. This will help you know whether it is time to change the battery or not. Some batteries come with the recharging option. Look thoroughly and choose wisely.

  • Battery Contacts

Open the battery storage area and check whether the surrounding has become wet or shows different color. This might indicate that the battery is corroded because of accidentally falling of water. You should immediately remove the batteries and clean the area thoroughly so as to bring your remote back to working mode.

  • Eyes

Even after checking the battery area, if you see any abnormalities in the working system of the remote controller, then it is time to take help from the professionals. The linear garage door remote replacement services will first check whether the eyes through which the IR signal is passed to the garage door receiver is in good working condition or not. They will even repair the issues and get your remote back to normal working mode.

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