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PTC Sites Advertising To Earn Money And Generate Leads

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Internet is run by millions of websites and advertisement is the word that feeds all the webmaster and websites in most cases. Advertisements are used to capture the targeted users to grow the individual business. There are several ways to advertise products and service. All the advertising ways are costly and non-targeted. PTC has the targeted group of people with money making mind. Advertising the products and services on paid to click sites is one of the best ways to promote them. Also, we can see the conversion rate is very high compared to any other channels of advertising because paid to click advertising is 100 percentage targeted. Let us see how to make use of PTC sites to target people and make money by working on it.

Paid to click on advertisers view:

The best place to advertise/ promote the MMO products and services are paid to sites as there are millions of targeted visitors surf PTC sites to earn money online. Advertisers will get several leads and sales if their services are interesting with landing pages designed well. The PTC sites have several features for advertisers of which the main feature is the time on site feature. The advertiser has full freedom to set the time a visitor should spend on the site. When time is limited views will increase and when time is increased, the number of views on PTC sites will decrease. To produce lead using PTC site the advertiser should make the visitors stay longer on their page. With less time there are chances for visitors leave the page without producing the lead. When the visitor stays a long time on the ad page of a PTC site, he will go through all the information given on the site where there are high chances to give even sale. This is the secret to advertisers to generate more leads through paid to click sites.

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PTC on members view:

The primary goal for the member to work on PTC site is to earn money from it. To earn money there are several ways available on PTC sites other than ad clicking/viewing web page. Paid surveys, paid to read, playing games, completing micro tasks, watching videos, downloading apps are the other money making features available on the PTC sites so they can also be called a get paid to the site in common. To earn money by viewing ads, the member should go to the view ads section of the PTC sites to see the ads available there to view. Then he has to click a box to view the ad, where the ad title and description will be given on the box. The ad / website will be loading a new page. The member has to watch the ad for 5 seconds to 60 seconds depending on the timer. The more time we stay the more money we can earn. After the timer ends we have to solve the captcha to prove that we aren’t using any automated scripts. Once completed our account will be immediately credited. This is how we can earn money on PTC sites.

Final words: 

For advertisers, the PTC sites are the best place to advertise their products and services to generate more leads as all the members on PTC sites are always eager to try new products. For members, PTC site is one of the best places to earn money without investing any money and technical knowledge. With a computer and internet connection, anyone with basic knowledge to browse can earn money on paid to click sites.