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A Place Which Will Leave an Imprint In Your Heart

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Dubai has literally grown into a powerful city and as a developed city since 2007,right from a tid to tad this place has seen itself emerge in every sphere that it has held for itself,setting up a stirring alchemy of profound traditions and ambitious futuristic  vision setting up a hub like no other place. Turning into a global place this place lures not only tourists but also businessmen and people from every walk of life. Dubai Tour Packages from Mumbai are one of those tour packages,which will open your eyes once you step into this emirate nation.

Dubai Tour Packages from Mumbai

Let’s have a quick look at some of the places which will attract you :


Considered as one of the oldest places in Dubai,the exhibit charts and shows every little thing that this place can put forward in front of your eyes. There are various kinds of rooms each showing something different and spectacular,but the best comes when the various archaeological things are exhibited which makes this place really value-additive.


In your Dubai Tour Packages, Snowy white and intricately detailed this is perhaps one of the most beautiful mosque of Dubai. The best thing about this mosque is that it is also open to non-muslims which is to be appreciated. Make sure,when you are in Dubai you do not miss this.


Surely as one of the most attractive developments in Dubai,this place is a total interpretation of a traditional Arab village. It is an enchanting site in the night when the lights are romantically lit. No amount of words can tell how awe-struck this place can make you.


With pink flamingos stealing the show here during the winters,the ones who love bird-watching are surely going to love this place. It has a very diverse landscape which also makes this place too good to be true.

Author’s Bio : The author of this article, Parth Unadkat has been mesmerized by Dubai,the roots and the way it has carved itself in the near present. Dubai Tour Packages from Mumbai are going to enthrall you In ways you might have never imagined.