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Picking the Best Juicers for a Beginner  

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If you are on the path towards a healthy lifestyle, drinking juices have to play a major part. Drinking juices from fresh fruits and greens is a great way to improve your overall health. Juicing from these fruits and greens requires the best juicer in the market. The best juicers review will be able to provide information about the best products on the market, but only you can decide if they are a fit for you.

best juicers review

Some juices are meant for people who are regular juicers and they are likely to be complicated, while others may be perfect only for a handful of products like citrus fruits or wheatgrass. For a beginner, the sheer number of options in the market can be overwhelming at times. Here are the some of the elements that can help a beginner choose the best juice extractor based on their needs:

Juicing Ease of Use

According to the best juicers review, a beginner should choose a juicer which is easy to use and not extremely complicated with a lot of options. It is important to get used to the joy of juicing before going ahead in the world of feature-rich products. Not only will this save a lot of time, but it can help the beginner to set up the product and start juicing straight away. One of the simple aspects that make juicing a lot easier is the presence of a wide chute. This would allow more of the celery or apple to be thrown into the juice extractor without much slicing or cutting.

Silent Operation

Some juices produce a lot of noise during operation and it may be a turn-off for some just entering into the world of juices and maximum nutrient intake from fruits and vegetables. A few years ago, most of the juice machine options probably made more noise than the juice. Yet, it has changed in recent years with most of the products available in the market not making much of a noise.

Easy Cleaningbest juicers review

Juicers need regular cleaning in order to maintain them in the top condition. Yet, this process can become cumbersome if the juicer consists of lots of parts. Even though there are a few self-cleaning models in the market, they can be quite expensive. It is important for beginners to choose a juicer that does not take more than a minute clean. Furthermore, running water alone should be enough to clean the juicer.

What Are the Types of Juice Extractor?

Centrifugal juicer

best juicers review

An extremely convenient juicer, it is also one of the fastest. It is an ideal solution for those who use fruits like apples rather than citrus fruits or greens. If there is a requirement of a large quantity of juice, centrifugal juicers may be the best option. They are less pricey, less stressful, and consume a lot less time.

Masticating juicers

The masticating variety of juicer is more efficient – especially in comparison with a centrifugal juicer – while they are also much more affordable than a triturating juicer. The efficiency certainly results in a better yield than a centrifugal juicer, thus translating into more nutritional content. However, they may not be the best option for a beginner considering that they are labor intensive and consume a lot of time too. More importantly, masticating juicers are not priced high as a twin gear juicer.

Triturating juicers

These type of juicers are ideal for those who do not want a compromised in any regard. These are the most expensive options, but they can certainly provide the best efficiency, while also offering the ability to juice leafy greens.