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Personal trainer for a multitude of Fitness Routines

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As soon as you hit the gym there is an urge in all of us to give the best to get the best. And to avoid blunder in the process to attain the same it would be a better option to get a personal trainer for self. personal trainer would not only schedule a routine training program but also will help to cart a good diet plan which is also a very essential part while training. Some of you, mostly who are a marathon runner need to be very specific or accurate on the way of running. Simply running on the treadmill is not the same when it comes to a professional runner. Jogging is different from running and sprinting. So an experienced trainer will give you an ultimate way to this. Inevitably, the role of a trainer cannot be avoided to get you the results you are looking for. Here’s how to get started with a Personal Trainer Toronto after a few tests to understand your body better.

Personal Trainer Toronto

Over all body fitness and Strength conditioning:

Standing on  the scales is a depressing exercise but it does not necessarily depict your actual fitness levels as  a muscle can weigh more than fat but it occupies less space of the body than fat. A few methods to gauge fitness in this category with the help of a Personal Trainer Toronto are:

Flexibility tests: Researches have shown that flexibility decreases from the age of 35 to 50 in an average man by 25% leading to shoulder injury and runners knee. It is used for assessing how far you can stretch your muscles. It keeps the body flexible, relaxes muscles and protects from physical injury. Stretching before and after an intense workout also cuts chances of any physical soreness. It includes flexion tests (to gauge how well one is able to move the hip joint through large motion.) and static tests (how large a motion one have in static position).e.g.  All stretching exercises .Yoga is among the best stretching exercises known to man.

Sit and Reach test: It tests the flexibility of the back of legs, hips and lower back. Place a yardstick on the floor and secure it by tape and mark across any particular length for e.g. 15 inch. Place your feet even with the marking on the yardstick .Slowly try to touch your feet while keeping the legs as straight as possible .Hold the position at least for 2 seconds. Repeat the process thrice and take the best one. If one is not able to touch the feet it is scored in minus, zero score is given if one manages to touch and positive score if the fingertips goes beyond toes. One can perform this exercise even without any yardstick. It is not necessary to reach the toes but for a decent fitness level one must at least reach the knees.

The fitness trainer lead, instruct and motivate the trainees. They assist people in reaching fitness goals. The role that trainers play in success of their clients is increasingly in the spotlight. Down the line, a good fitness trainer delivers safe, effective, fun and interesting workouts to the clients aspiring to stay fit.