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ORM Services: Icedip

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Icedip is the latest popular ice cream shop that opened in the east coast and ORM services are representing them on social media. This place is like none other, the ice cream is made every morning from scratch and the dips such as the different types of chocolate dips, the toppings and cones are made fresh daily. When you walk in, you will smell the waffle cones and chocolate dips and it’ll engulf your senses to the brink of ecstasy. The owner always wanted to make a premium ice cream shop but not like the other premium ice cream shops where it just looks nice but the actual ice cream is bought from a wholesaler. He wanted to learn the art of making flavour ice cream. He experimented with exotic fruits such as jack fruit, durian, and dragon fruit. They were exceptional flavours but sadly doesn’t sell them at the shop. The shop he has now is very simple, its only vanilla or chocolate ice cream but they are exceptional. You will never have a better vanilla ice cream anywhere in North America.


ORM services discovered his secret and he didn’t mind if they used it in the ad campaign online. The secret was that they made ice cream the way it’s made in Russia and ORM services wanted to use that knowledge in the marketing. After careful consideration, they decided not to pursue the Russian angle because people will see it as a Russian delicacy instead of the owners product. He wanted his name attached to the quality of ice cream in North America. The dips that are made of chocolate is made in huge batches weekly and the portions are heated up daily to use as a dip. The other solid toppings like shaved coconut, peanuts, sprinkles and other various toppings are made every morning. Clearly not all toppings are made such as coloured sprinkles which are bought but any natural topping is created in the morning. This is why they have such a good name within the ice cream community now. ORM services has been seeing lots of traffic to their website and asking for online special orders.