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What to Know Before Selecting a SEO Company

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It is a good thing that you’ve started thinking about doing SEO for your business. In short, the goal of good SEO is improving the position your website has in the overall ranking in search engines. That is to say: when someone types “best dentist in Cleveland” – your website turns up as the first result.

Naturally, SEO encompasses much more than that – it makes your website extremely search-engine-friendly so that everything you post there gets easily indexed and categorized, so that your visitors can find you more easily.

A general rule is that websites that have a higher ranking get more visitors which again translates into more money for you. There are different kinds of SEO available, some will try to position you on a global scale, some are more local, others deal with content marketing – in any case, a good SEO company will create the best possible solution for you and your needs.

So, what are some of the most important questions you need to ask a potential SEO company? Naturally, you won’t know everything there is to know, that is why you are asking for help in the first place, but having a general idea is a good start.

What Are Keywords and How Will They Help Me?

When a search engine crawls your website and the content you’ve posted there, it does so via automated programs that look at signs that will tell them the most about your website. They try to figure out what it is that you do, how relevant you are to particular topics and it will try to assign you meta-tags.

By reading the text and trying to find what the text is about, a good spider can easily identify your website as dealing with dentistry in Cleveland. It will store those recurring phrases and words that are called keywords. By using a particular set of keywords throughout your website, you will increase the chances of being flagged with that particular tag which is good. There are special websites and tools (Google AdWords) that analyze keywords and that can determine the best ones for you.

But be careful, as any good SEO company can tell you – going too far with keyword stuffing can lead to bad results. A search engine may simply mark you as spam, or tag you with keyword stuffing, which is the unnatural usage of some of the keywords.

What is Link Juice and Why Should I Care about It?

When your website is hyperlinked to another website, when a search engine crawls it, it will see that there is a link pointing to your website. It is a good sign, meaning that your website is trustworthy, and people like to link to it. The more frequently this happens, the greater the chances of your website increasing its rank, or simply gaining all that link juice.

On the other hand, your website should link to other well-trusted websites, which is another good sign. Many people try to artificially increase this number of links to their website by posting spam content on different websites – a particularly dangerous strategy, as it can lead to harsh penalties or even being removed from search engines completely. It would be best to simply read some of the search engine optimization company reviews and find something that suits you.

This can be naturally achieved by regularly posting on your blog, linking to other resourceful websites, and simply creating content that is interesting, engaging and, well, fun. By doing this, you will increase your chances of naturally being linked to, and there is no better way to increase your rank than that.

Only by finding a company that understands you will you be able to achieve worthy results. It is important to research as much as you can before deciding, as you can easily end up with someone not worth your money or time.

In the beginning, SEO can sound like a great hassle and you might even wonder if it is worth all that trouble? The short answer is yes, but a more detailed one is that it is only worth it if done with a good SEO business that will try to find a strategy for you, and not just to swindle you out of your money and your results.