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Important Considerations For Choosing Heavy Haulage Transport

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We are all aware that the role of logistics is critical when delivering products from one location to another. This is even more of an issue when referring to heavy haulage transportation. There are several variables to take into account and each of these could very well make the difference between your goods arriving at a specific location on time and an unexpected problem occurring along the way. Let us briefly take a look at this area in a bit more detail.

Insurance Issues

One of the first questions that you should ask is whether or not the transportation firm is insured. However, this is only the beginning and there are many different types of insurance available. Will their policy financially cover the value of your products in the event of damage? What is the numerical limit on this policy? Does the plan insure the driver and its contents when travelling throughout different regions of the United Kingdom or Europe? If not, you could once again incur a loss. It is best to ask these questions directly and if possible, to see a copy of their policy before committing to any type of haulage contract.

Special Handling Requirements

It is obvious that a bundle of ceramic goods will need to be treated much differently than a load of timber. Take into account any special handling or packing needs that might be required. Not only is this important to prevent damage to a product, but the health of the public could sometimes be placed at risk. Examples here can include the transportation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fertiliser or any product that may become airborne. Make certain that the vehicles are equipped to handle such loads and that the drivers possess the proper training that is up to date.

Adhering to a Schedule

Accommodating a busy schedule can prove to be a challenge for any firm. However, this is no excuse for your products to fail to arrive at their destination on time. When referring to perishable items or products that need to be shipped to the customer immediately, such concerns become abundantly clear. This is the logistical side of heavy haulage. It is critical that you state your temporal requirements from the very start. Make absolutely certain that all parties involved are aware of this time frame. What route is the company planning to take and will they be picking up other goods along the way? Do they offer any type of guarantee in terms of delivery times? How familiar is the driver with the area that he or she will be required to navigate? These are all important questions.

Your Instinct

Although often overlooked, the fact of the matter is that your gut instincts should always be taken into consideration. To put this another way, ask yourself about how you feel about the company. Did they leave a good first impression? Do you feel that they were honest and forthright in regards to the services that they provide? Were you comfortable discussing your needs or did you feel as if you were being pressured into a sale? When taken into account with the other variables listed above, these observations can go a long way towards making the correct choice.

Choosing the best haulage company for your unique requirements is a critical step to achieving success within the modern world of business. The concerns mentioned above are also some of the very same areas that Altida Crane Hire is more than happy to address. Please give us a call to learn how we can help you.