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A First-Timer’s Guide to Correct Use of SMS Monitoring Apps

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With SMS having replaced traditional forms of communications to a large extent, the growing popularity of text message spy apps hardly come as a surprise. Being able to remotely read someone’s private conversations and learn when and with whom those conversations were held is indeed a technological advancement that not many would be able to resist, but that’s not what you should be planning to do. SMS monitoring tools are quite powerful, and as Uncle Ben cautioned Peter Parker hours before his death, “With great power comes great responsibility”. In case you are not yet aware of those responsibilities, here’s a quick run-through to help you stay out of trouble while using SMS monitoring apps.

Keep It Legal

Before deploying a text monitoring app, make sure you’ve read and understood local laws related to its legal and illegal use. Claiming ignorance won’t help you elude legal consequences in case you’re found guilty of an infraction. A few things that generally hold true for monitoring apps no matter which part of the world you’re using them in are as follows:

  • You cannot install a monitoring app on someone else’s phone
  • You cannot monitor someone’s text messages without informing them or seeking their consent first
  • You cannot submit logged text messages as evidence in the court of law

Remember that there’s a very fine line separating legitimate monitoring from outright snooping, so tread carefully.


Use as a Last Resort

Yes, you can easily get your hands on a text message monitoring tool through the internet, but the question that you need to ask yourself is should you really get it? In most cases, it’d be best that you don’t. Whether you are an employer who’s struggling to tackle excessive workplace texting, a concerned parent who’s been feeling nervous since finding their teen spending a ridiculous amount of time on their smartphone, or a worried partner who suspects their partner of cheating on them, monitoring text messages should only be used after you’ve exhausted all other options. It can strain your relation with the person whose communication you’re monitoring, or throw your life into a whirlpool of complications. Such apps sure seem like the easiest way to satisfy curiosity and acquire information, but this convenience is heavily laden with risk.

Stick to the Purpose

It’s so easy to get drunk on the power offered by apps capable of monitoring text messages, but you cannot afford to let yourself lose control. If you’re getting such an app, then you probably have a very good reason for it. Make sure your purpose is within legal boundaries and ranks well on the moral and ethical scale. Furthermore, limit the scope of your monitoring so that the person you’re keeping tabs on doesn’t feel like you’re snooping on their personal life. Just peek into those messages that threaten your interests. Even better, tell the person that you’re monitoring their conversations so that they don’t engage in mobile communications that you don’t approve of. Also remember to keep the content of messages you took a look at to yourself instead of making them public knowledge. Under no circumstances is it okay to shred someone’s privacy into tiny pieces.