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The Features and Functionality of BlazeLIMS System

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Every system has a specific mechanism that helps it perform the specified work it is intended to do. The fundamental BlazeLIMS software has a wide array of functional mechanisms because it is governed by a flexible component-based architecture that enables organizations to buy the software that is necessary for supporting their existing data management needs. If you are considering getting such a system, it is important to know that if your needs are to change with time, a good LIMS software company is one that offers the option of delivering additional components to their system. Here are some of the features and functionalities that come with a good LIMS system.

Inventory and storage management

A good lab information management system should be able to help you know where everything has been and for how long it has been there. It also helps in managing stock and supplies, tracking reagents and chemicals, and also assigning re-order of supplies.

Workflow management

A dedicated LIMS helps in managing a lab’s workflow in that it ensures samples of interest are automatically put on the schedule for screening until their desired timing. It will also help you by capturing data for audits and compliance, thus making your work tenfold easier.

Offers security

The system will help you secure the data you enter in that, it controls access to the data, tracks all changes made to the data in the system and keeps a record of it for future reference as well. You can access the data whenever you need it.

BlazeLIMS Systems

Environmental advantage

Since the BlazeLIMS system is capable of monitoring conditions in the laboratory and storage spaces, it helps reduce a lot of paperwork thus aiding in control of waste generation and disposal. The end result is conservation of the environment.

Document management

This feature will help you find an electronic file whose data is in the system through links. It also goes to the extent of linking raw data to study reports and documents required to support a laboratory research.

Customized reporting

This helps you to automatically run reports and can be automated and exported in any desired format like MS Word and PowerPoint. The reports produced in a study are what is used to make decisions and strategies or even product formulations.

Prioritization and work list management

With this feature, you can be able to assess your current workload and prioritize your projects and essays. There are plenty more of functions and features of an LIMS software that make the whole system perform it’s desired duty.

If you are considering getting one, you should at least be aware of the specific features you need your system to have. At the end of the day, a good LIMS system is supposed to make your work easier and more efficient. Depending on your industry, you may need customized features in your LIMS software. Make sure you have a system that can create and manage laboratory workflow projects like BlazeLIMS. This is done through essays and standardized methods and procedures.