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FAQs: Parking Bollards Edition

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It is easy to say that parking bollards are amongst the most overlooked parts of the road. It is a safe bet that you have not thought twice about the short poles you see in the streets. Their function is unique and still very important in keeping traffic orderly and disaster free.

So, are you in the process of purchasing these pieces and have no clue where to start? Fret not, we have got you covered. No need to switch tabs, learn everything you need to know about parking bollards here!


What are Bollards?

In its simplest definitions, a bollard is a short vertical post. In the past, these posts were used on ships and quays in order to aid in mooring. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, old cannons were used as bollards in order to ‘park ships’ in moors. These cannons are half-buried muzzle first in the ground.  It was not until the 19th century wherein structures reminiscent of modern day bollards were officially constructed.

At present, bollards are mainly used in order to direct vehicles and conduct traffic in an orderly fashion.

Are there different types of Parking Bollards?

There are different types of bollards available for every need. It is all a matter of figuring out what you need the bollard for before making the purchase.

  • Bolted Bollards

Bolted bollards are the simplest means of enforcing visible traffic divisions. While they are bolted down, their lightweight material is pliable enough to not cause any damage should a collision occur.

  • Steel Pipe Bollards

This type of bollard is made in order to withstand a significant collision. With its steel structure and concrete base, a steel pipe bollard can surely handle any intense impact.

  • Removable/ Collapsible/ Retractable Bollards

Bollards, in general, provide an effective way to create the illusion of boundaries. Nevertheless, there are instances that require them to be moved constantly. In this case, removable bollards are the perfect option.

  • Flexible Bollards

Flexible bollards are used for areas were impact is almost certain to happen. While they provide excellent warning barriers, a collision would result in minimal or almost zero impact.

  • Light Bollards

Light Bollards are arguably the safest form of bollards. It is designed to render an environment safe and free from collisions – night and day.

How Do I Choose the Right Type of Bollard For My Need?

As mentioned above, there are several types of bollards to choose from. Your decision would mainly be affected by what you are going to use a bollard for. Aside from its purpose, it is smart to consider the space in which you will be setting up the parking bollard. It should be enough to accommodate a rather unobtrusive pole. Moreover, decorative and functional bollards can also be purchased in the market. The bollard of your choice may not only provide necessary boundaries for your space but it can also perfectly meld with the style of your property.

In the middle of your parking bollard purchase? Contact us today to learn more about your options.