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An Event Planner’s Guide To The Most Popular Venues

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There are plenty of things that starting event planners might have trouble with, most of which involve the very essence of their jobs. One of the main issues is the fact that it’s very difficult to get a sense of realistic thinking for an occupation like this. In theory, everything sounds fairly easy. You get some requests, you seek out decorations, food, and locations, and you adapt them to fit said requests and requirements.

That’s obviously not the case. The difference between a flop and a successful event lies in the attention paid to tidbits and small details. No client is like another, so why would these diverse elements of the job be any different? Here are some things you will be better off knowing about the most common and popular venue choices for events when you’re running an event planning business.


Outdoor celebrations are especially popular during warm seasons, and they always make for one incredible unique experience.

BIGGEST PRO: Fifty percent of the decorating job is already done all thanks to Mother Nature. For low-budget arrangements, you might as well just arrange some chairs in a circle in the middle of a garden set by a lake, and you’re already set. The sky is beautiful, the sunset will put everyone in a content mood, and you won’t need to pay extra money for floral arrangements.

BIGGEST CON: What’s the biggest issue with any kind of outdoor activity? Weather is constantly unpredictable, even if you’ve triple-checked the meteorological predictions. In order to avoid this, the best immediate choice is to set up a custom tent to house everyone and shelter them in the eventuality of a downpour.


As far as indoor venues go, hotels are incredibly popular among soon-to-be-married couples. There are plenty of reasons why, but there are also some hidden layers that prove it’s not that great of a choice either.

BIGGEST PRO: A hotel is prepared for events of all kinds, so there are many of things you can cross off your list of purchases. This includes tables, chairs, certain decorations (curtains, chandeliers, table decorations) and catering services since food is provided by the staff.

BIGGEST CON: There isn’t as much freedom to organize the party of your dreams as it is in the situation of another type of venue with a lot more flexibility. The chances are that if the tables are arranged in a certain way, they’re stuck that way. You may also be forced to appease the hotel’s vendors by only being able to consume their drinks, for example, so make sure to have some negotiation tips in mind.


Some people wish to stay away from the extravagance of an event packed with hundreds on top of hundreds of guests. In this case, they opt for a restaurant as their venue.

BIGGEST PRO: There is no way the service and staff quality will be anything but stellar. After all, this is what they’re here for. All of your guests will likely leave the event leaving words of praise for the excellent food choice.

BIGGEST CON: As far as inflexibility goes, this is as inflexible as it all gets. Restaurants aren’t built to accommodate people wishing to dance on a floor. There’s also the problem of maybe not being able to seat more than four or five people together at one table.

Knowing all of these things is going to make a vital difference in the venue choice of a customer, so make sure to present these aspects to them. You’ll be able to adapt properly and to get the best of results out of everything. Soon enough, you’ll see those valuable clients requesting your business again.