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Donald Trump: A turn back to the Success Magic

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 Donald Trump, well the name is all over the world now. He is the present President of America, the news maker of 2016. East or West- North or South, Trump is everywhere. Well, what he achieved is so much worth for it. He got 280 golden votes to get the Presidential position.  This shows the influence Trump had made on Americans.  He defeated Hilary Clinton, a strong candidate for the President Election.  Let’s have a look at his earl life.

Early profile of Trump:

Trump was born and brought up in New York. He is a graduate in Economics with which he had ruled Trump Organisation. He was also showed his face on films and serials. His Trump organisation has a lot of golf courses as well as resorts in the United States, which shows his interest in Sports.  He is also owned the beauty contest pageants- Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA; quite interesting isn’t it? In 2015, he announces his candidature for American President from Republican Party. From there onwards, Trump’s magic was on the floor. His speeches reached to the world like a wave of change which is still in the world.

No matter whatever oppositions he had to face through his journey towards the success, he stood as strong as he can and the magic show the result in the end. That’s what today the entire world is looking in to US. For a successful leader, support from his native is so important and he succeeded in getting the same.

Just look at the key plans of Trump, which help him to earn his people’s faith and support.

  • He promised to make America great again with lots of plans.
  • He offered plans for lowering taxes, which everybody dislikes to pay.
  • Limiting the H-1B Visa
  • Strong action towards terrorism.
  • He will give more importance to the education sector of US- as the future generation have to be powerful for making America to the next level.

The entire world is curiously looking forward to see the changes that will go on to the richest country in the world. Let’s see Trump’s magic.