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Create a Website Using Simple Methods

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There was a time when creating a website was a tough job and cost consuming one. Now anyone is able to create a website without help from others. The first thing that any person would go is for a qualified and experienced developer who can maintain a website. But only a few things are enough for creating a good Website. Still, it takes few days for developing and having patients is an essential key to creating it. Once you have created a website on your own then it seems like the walk in a park. Here are some steps that will guide you to create a website without making many efforts

1)    Name of your domain

Domain names are basically an address of any website that is available on the internet. All the domain names are different and this is what keeps the basic difference between websites. There are many websites which work for a common purpose. Keeping domain name different makes a website unique. When going to choose for a domain name keep it short and simple. It will help others to remember it and also attracts more audience. Also, one to three letter domain names is not available any longer as many website owners are already using it . If you can think of one or two letter domain name then you are lucky but chances of getting it registered are very less. Choose the domain name which suits with the website name and works with the extension. There are extensions for domain names like .org, .net or .com. It is much recommended to use .com because it is being used by many sites from decades and people do always remember it even if they don’t. Removing vowels from domain name is a good step as many of the website owners are doing it now.  If a website name that you want is already registered then ask the owner if they want to sell it. But here the price can be a big factor so think before acting ahead.

2)    Choose a provider for web hosting

Web hosting helps a website to become accessible over the internet. There different hosting services like Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting, and Shared Hosting. For beginners, Shared Hosting is the best suitable option, firstly it is cheap and secondly easy to maintain. When the popularity of the website starts to get fame then it can be upgraded to a different type web-host like Robust. When choosing Bluehost for web hosting it gives an upper hand by giving free domain name.

3)    Get Website Building Platforms

Those days are gone when websites come with HTML coding which puts a lot of pressure on anyone. Now WordPress has solved this problem with an ease. There are other platforms like Joomla or Drupal but WordPress is free and has a variety of Widgets, Themes and Plugins. More importantly, WordPress is used by major websites and many websites are based on it. If you are having a thought that why to use WordPress when others are also using it? Then the simple thing to know is that other platforms require a lot of coding. We are just beginners and coding will take our interests go down. WordPress is user-friendly and all the guidelines are easy to find. There are online communities that can help a person to understand how WordPress works. All queries regarding WordPress are just a click away on any search engines.

4)   Customization your Website

After choosing platforms for a website take some time to select themes from default theme provider in WordPress and don’t be in a hurry. Make sure that themes you are choosing should not have vivid variations that hide the contents. Choose the style that fits the image of your website from more than 1000 themes. Next step is to install the theme and activate it for your website. The third step to perform is to add pages and Content to your website. Get good and unique contents to fill your website. The last step is to customize the website using Plugins and Widgets. These are already present in WordPress and use only those which seem useful.