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Buying A Dream Home In France

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Whether you want a holiday home for when you need to get away, or a place where you can relocate to permanently, or even a project to renovate why move to France? It’sthe perfect destination for UK expats. In 2014 the official estimates put the number of expat Britons living in France at around 300,000 although in reality it is assumed to be significantly more. Because of its close geographical location and its low property prices, many UK citizens are choosing to buy homes in France rather than their neighbouring area. For a country its size, France contains an incredible cultural and natural diversity, making it suitable to everyone: From beach lovers, to mountain lovers, to medieval town lovers, to anyone who has ever dreamed of living in a castle.

Many people, who choose to buy a permanent home or a holiday house in the land of wine, opt to undertake a restoration project. For some reason, France is dotted with old farmhouses, chateaus and historical houses that have been abandoned and left to rack and ruin. Luckily for anyone looking to relocate, these magnificent properties are often sold at extremely cheap prices. Once the property has been bought, new owners take it upon themselves to restore and renovate it until it fits the perfect home of their dream home imaginations. This undertaking must not be looked on lightly you do not want your dream turns into a nightmare with the stress of a very costly and not thought out building plan.

It is for these reasons that many UK expats and holidaymakers have been able to afford amazing homes. Many enjoy the summer breeze in Provence as the lavender and sunflower fields are in bloom, or sit by the cosy fire in their French mountain chalet after a long day of skiing. The summertime is clearly when the France is at its best. The weather is great, there are lots of people around and every petite town and village has a plan packed full of occasions and activities. Do keep in mind the winter can be no different from the UK with rain wind and very inclement weather. Many decide to make their permanent home in a small village in the countryside, where they immerse in the culture, learn the language, and become experts in the local culinary specialties. If you’re worried about the hassles and problems of a European move, Nick’s Removal Company will help you make the transition to your new home a smooth start to an exciting adventure in France.