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Building Big Biceps – Top Tips to Try

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Several people who are shopping at often post me a question on how to get big biceps. Yes, this is an important topic to discuss as it’s not really easy to get good biceps. It is due to its significance that I came here with an article on how to build good biceps by pointing out some top tips that are involved in the biceps building. I would like to mention here that these tips are recommended by the professionals and they are evidence-based ones. Therefore, they are certain to provide you with the good results on your journey to get good biceps. So, just read it fully…

Mistakes to be avoided by the Beginners:

Most often, it can be noted that the beginners would do mistakes during their physical training process. Of these, a major mistake is that they would do continuous ‘biceps curls’, as well as ‘triceps extensions’ while trying to build their arms. But, most of them are unaware that this won’t work for the beginners. These types of moves would only work for the advanced level trainers and as a beginner, you should not try these. So, what should you do at the beginning of your training? Check below:

Top Recommendations for the Beginners:

When it comes to curls and extensions for the beginners, I would recommend you to go for compound exercises. These would help you build a complete muscle mass. Remember, your isolation exercises can’t give you this. The next thing to remember is that you should not over-train your muscles. It is to be noted that your arms are small muscle structures and you should not train them five days in a week. Also, remember that your muscles would grow only when they are at rest.

Also, you must remember that your other muscles should not be neglected in the process of building biceps. This is because your arms would become much bigger when compared to the other parts of your body and you would look awkward. Finally, you should not forget to take enough food because you won’t get your biceps if you are weighing just 120 pounds at 6 feet height. Gaining weight is important for building bigger biceps.

Now, Know the Best Exercises:

Following is the list of best exercises for building bigger biceps. Check them out:

  • Incline Bicep Curl: By sitting on an incline bench, hold your dumbbells at your arms’ length. Now, use your biceps to curl them and reach your shoulders. Now lower and repeat the process.
  • Concentration Curl: By sitting down on a bench and resting your right arm on your right leg, let the weight to hang down. Now, curl up, stop, and then lower. Repeat this process.
  • Javelin Press: By holding an EZ bar in your hand above your shoulder, extend your arm above you and lower it down. Repeat the process.
  • Tate Press: By lying on a bench, hold your dumbbells above your shoulders. Now, bend the elbows and bring them to the chest. Raise your dumbbells again and repeat the process.