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The Best Trade Show Display

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If you are in a rented booth then very often the only way to distinguish your company is with a trade show display. These can be made from a number of different materials and they can be rigid or flexible. They can be made as big as you want them but they must also fit within the dimensions of the space you have available. In a venue with hundreds of other companies that might offer something very similar to what you do it might be wise to try and stand out from the crowd.

You can achieve this by being understated as much as you could by being over the top so it is important to always stay within what will suite your image. In a busy venue it will be best to keep things as simple as possible. Make a bold statement which uncomplicated. When using photos images they should be large and closely cropped.

The message should always be very clear and unambiguous. Bold lettering in a clean background will always have more impact than a busy image. Use this to say what you mean in very few words or create words that capture attention. If you want to be seen from a distance then using red lettering on a white background can be very effective. There are many different materials that can be printed on for a trade show display.

Both soft materials and rigid plastic can be good for backlighting however. There are many companies that create customs signs from wood, metal or any kind of material. Portability is very often a requirement so collapsible sign are popular. Printed fabric can be used in many different ways and is light and can take up little space.


Roll up banner stands use heavy fabric but are very easy to use and can be placed just about anywhere. Softer fabric can look even better though if it is properly stretched. Silicon edge graphics have a bead all around that fits into a grove on and aluminum frame and are also very easy to mount and break down. Since a table is very often a necessity it makes a lot of sense to use throw covers as part of your graphic presentation.

These can be enhanced with table top displays if you have enough space. Interior spaces can also make use of hanging or mounted graphics. Lighting up signs can enhance the visual effect and also attract more attention. This can be done with back lighting or projected lighting.

Low power lasers are very effective as they can create a moving effect on signs without being overpowering. A recent innovation is also using LED lights which on a black fabric background. This can either create and image or be part of a printed image.

Hanging signs are great for getting attention from a distance. Lighting them up would also be more noticeable. Just remember that a trade show display has to find the balance between getting attention and sending the right message. Infinity Exhibits are experts in trade show display design, as well as creating stunning hanging banners.