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Alternative Uses for Bottle Sparklers

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Known under the name “bottle sparklers”, they are actually small fountain fireworks that can be attached to the neck of a bottle for a variety of purposes. They are typically around six inches long and last for around 30 seconds, but there are a few different sizes that you can find these days. Most commonly, bottle sparklers produce gold colored sparks, but there are also versions that produce sparks in a variety of colors such as red, blue, green, and even purple.

As most of us know, you will most commonly find bottle sparklers in nightclubs to highlight their bottle service packages. When a customer orders bottle service, the bartender will attach one or more bottle sparklers to their bottle and a server will carry it out to the table to draw a lot of attention to the whole spectacle. However, bottle sparklers were designed to be used for many other purposes outside just the nightclub industry, so here are a few alternative ways that bottle sparklers can be used in everyday situations.



When a couple at a wedding has their first champagne toast, it is usually a pretty big deal. One way to make it an even bigger deal is to attach bottle sparklers to the champagne bottles before they are brought out from the kitchen or back room at your reception venue. It will create a similar effect to the way they are used at nightclubs only it will be meant to celebrate the bride and groom instead. Additionally, you can use bottle sparklers to add a little extra flair to the wedding cake, but I will get into that a little bit deeper in the next section.

Birthday Cakes

The true design of bottle sparklers wasn’t actually to be used with bottles at all; they were originally designed to be used on cakes. A simple internet search will turn up birthday cake sparklers and you will immediately recognize them as the same design. The plastic spike at the base of a bottle sparkler is rated as food grade and designed to hold the sparkler steady when inserted into the top of a birthday cake. Birthday cake sparklers are typically used in place of candles, but they can be used simultaneously if you prefer.

In fact, you need a special holder called a sparkler safety clip to attach them to a bottle at all. They are shaped like two horseshoes attached to each other perpendicularly, and the just the fact that you need a special contraption to attach one of the sparklers to a bottle indicates that they were originally intended for use on a cake and that they’ve been rebranded as bottle sparklers for use in nightclubs.

So in the end, there really aren’t any alternative uses for bottle sparklers since using them in that fashion is already an alternative to their intended design. Though it is perfectly normal for a product to be rebranded for alternative uses, the fact of the matter is that bottle sparklers are actually built to be used as a birthday cake decoration; though the vast majority of the time you will see them used in a nightclub atmosphere.