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Advanced Analytical Tracking of Your Site

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I am really involved in analytics and this is why I make sure to track everything on my company’s site. Analytics present data to you that informs you about how your local SEO is performing. Additionally, some analytics also tell you the reason for why the ranking is good or how it can be improved. The third and last type of analytics are the advanced analytics that gives you a deeper insight into the performance of your online presence so that if need be, you can make the changes. As for me, I am more inclined towards advanced analytics.

For the past six months, I have been trying out numerous different ways to track my online presence. Most people are aware of the free Google analytical source but there are other great analytical data sources as well that can help companies to gain greater insight online about their businesses.

google Analytics

Following are 4ways to get advanced track analytics regarding your online presence.

1. Google Analytics

 Undoubtedly, Google analytics is one of the most useful web analytical tools that exists because it provides a lot of information and that too for free. The information entails data regarding where visitors are coming from, their activity on your site, the time duration of their stay on your website and also the number of times visitors come back and lots more.

Also, you can customize several detailed reports in order to get essential data that you are in search of and on top of that, you can also alter these reports when you hold campaigns or restore content. Moreover, Google analytics is comparatively manageable and accessible; this is why small business owners can also be self-assured that they can get hold of all the analytics that they are in need/search of, by using this tool.

2. Algexbraix

Algexbraix Data has built a platform that is universally recognized and is constructed for data that makes them send your information to an outsource expert to handle all analytics so that you don’t need to purchase or incorporate a particular software or figure out how to do the analysis yourself.

The standard application that the company makes use of is algebra and then turns it into objects of mathematics. In giving the most basic explanation, utilizing mathematics is an approach to bind together data management over multiple data structures. A more comprehensive set of data focuses on all parts of your business that result in a more workable, quicker administration.

3. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg familiarizes you to the concept of heat maps that displays hot and cold sections of your websites. The hot sections indicate used sections whereas the cold sections are unused sections. Also, it shows what people click on most and how far down do they scroll before going to some other site.

The map especially elucidates where you need to restyle the graphics and the content matter so as to enhance usage and warmth to your site. It does not take much time to set up and in addition,there is no need of any technical understanding to comprehend analytics it generates. This can be a moderately economical approach to knowing precisely what you have to change to your site to develop engagement and draw more conversions.

4. Optimizely

Optimizely offers a dashboard where you can go through your information and settle on solid choices in view of the Stats Engine that gives you the analytics you require. It was made with the help of Stanford analysts who built up another approach to tracking the around experience optimization.

Analytical Tracking

In order to go deeper into the analytics you receive, Optimizely incorporates with an entire host of providers of analytics, for example, Adobe Analytics, Bizible, Amplitude, ComScore, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, Crazy Egg and Clicktale. This level of mix offers an approach to ensure you have your information analyzed from all edges and viewpoints for a better result. Best of all, there is nothing procedural or methodological that you are required to know or do, and you can decide on a month to month pricing strategy that is appropriate for your budget and business size

Whether the data you are analyzing is qualitative, quantitative or both, there is a need for you to go far beyond with analytics so as to evaluate how you are engaging and maintaining a relation with customers online as well as in an office environment. With so many data available, this is the right time to get hold of tools that can guide and provide you with data that you can use and come up with a strategy.