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Steps to say “au revoir” to jet lag

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If you are a traveling lover who often spend an entire day flying half-way across the world, here are my 5 tips to say “au revoir” to jet lag for goods and recover quicker to enjoy your exciting journey.

Adjust your sleeping time

One week prior jumping in a plane, I tend to go to bed earlier if flying to the east or later if I am flying to the west in order to get as close as possible to my destination time zone. Then I try to adjust by waking up earlier or later. Of course if you have plan a road trip, you can’t change your schedule by 11 hours, but if you go to bed earlier or later depending your destination’s direction, you will find the process to say “au revoir” to jet lag much easier.

Adjust your drinking & dining time

Now that you have changed your sleeping time, keep hydrated by drinking water and avoid alcohol. I know you might think drinking lots of water is annoying because you don’t want to disturb your travel buddy by asking them to stand up every 5 minutes when in the plane, BUT this is an important part of the process to say “au revoir” to jet lag. Also, try to adapt your dining schedule a few days before traveling too as this will make it easier for your beautiful body to adjust faster.


Set your new destination time

When queuing at the boarding gate, I always set my watch to my new destination time. This not only helps me to know when I should sleep or watch some cool movies but also brings me one step closer to say “au revoir” to jet lag.

Finally landed

Once you arrive to your destination, whether it is day or night time, I would recommend you to go for a walk outside under the sun or the stars, or hit the gym at your hotel if it has one. This will keep you awake if it’s day time and will make you tired if it’s night time.

The first two days

Whenever you have to travel for work or leisure, I would suggest you not to plan any important meetings or tiring activities the first two days after you’ve landed. You might be feeling full of energy at first but then trust me you will start experimenting a tiredness roller-coaster.

What is your strategy to say “au revoir” to jet lag?