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3 Things to Do If You Fall In Love with Your University Tutor

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University can be a confusing time and not just where your studies are concerned. Perhaps the term has started and you found out that you had a new teacher. Great you may think, but as the term progresses and the months pass by, you find yourself having feelings for your tutor. If you think that these feelings are becoming too strong or you find that it’s all you are thinking about you do need to take action to prevent problems further along the road. Learning to cope can be difficult, but it is a necessary part of growing up. You also need to look at the situation from another perspective and try to overcome your feelings towards your tutor.

1.       Try to move on

 Make an effort to move on. Knowing that these feelings will never progress is a crucial moment in moving on. Remind yourself that what you are doing is necessary for your own happiness. Remember, that there will be other, more suitable people to fall in love with. For many, falling in love with your tutor is inappropriate, no matter what your feelings may be. Focus on the future and of course your studies. Focus on a specific area of your studies such as becoming a better essay writer or fine tuning your exam techniques.

2.      Behave Appropriately

 The reason you are at university is to learn and achieve your degree, so take the energy that you have spent thinking about your teacher and re-focus your thoughts on your work. You will not only take your mind off your tutor but you might just see a boost to your academic performance.

3.      Seek Advice

If you have tried both of the above and you don’t feel any different, it can be beneficial to speak with a professional. This is very important if you think that these feelings that you have are impacting on your day to day life or having an impact on your studies. If you are concerned about confidentiality issues, the professional that you speak to is bound by a code of ethics to keep what you say strictly confidential.

The most important thing in this situation is not to ignore it and think it will go away. It won’t. You must take proactive steps to address the situation and find a suitable solution to the problem. If trying to move on or taking your mind off it by focusing on your coursework writing still don’t work, it is really important that you speak to someone at your university who will be able to provide support and advice to help you move on.