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Chris Oyakhilome, also famously known as Pastor ChrisOyakhilome is a well-known personality who is a Nigerian Christian minister. He stands out as the founding president of the Christ Embassy i.e. the Believers’ Loveworld. Incorporated and in practice a Bible-based Christian ministry. This Christ Embassy is placed in Lagos, Nigeria. The Oyakhilome’s fame and not only limits within Nigeria but has its roots spread beyond the borders of Nigeria and all across South Africa. In the recent times, the Pator Chris Oyakhilomeholds up a large meeting both in the United States and United Kingdom. In addition to this he also has to his credit a Healing school session held in Canada and South Africa. Over time his followers has increased rapidly and has great fan especially from the youth community.

Here below are some facts about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome that might not know by all, thus, unveiled below:

  1. To start off, Pastor Chris is amongst the most famous people and stands out as one of the highly followed African personality on twitter. His number of follower has increased over the time from all across the globe and same stands true in case of Facebook.
  2. Pastor Chris and Christ embassy has increases his penetration on the social media and has wide access to the people. Ensuring the same through social media and owns his personal social networking site, known with the name of “yokoos”.
  3. Pastor Chris is not only famous and rich in terms of followers but has also gained much in monetary terms and a controversial personality in this respect with a net that is estimated to be over $ fifty million
  4. Pastor has taken fame amongst people all across the globe, and beyond Nigeria however, he has also got his name in bad stuff such as being accused of money laundering in the year2012 with a good sum of money hooked to his account.
  5. Pastor has made his availability online and on 24 hours basis by communicating with his followers. The Chris TV station is the best example of this with his first TV channel that was broadcast from Africa to the world wide audience on a twenty four hours basis. His shows are known to good in terms of faith healing that has helped people to enlighten their faith.
  6. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also has to his credit a healing school and the Pastor faith healing has been seen with much controversy.
  7. Pastor Chris also has a publication to his credit, he is prolific writer with a daunting sales machine
  8. The pastor Chris begun with his Christian ministry in the university
  9. Pastors Chris’s wife Anita is hiscounterpart in the ministry and is his partner in his broad business interests.
  10. With a net worth of around dollar fifty million, buying stuff like airline is not of much surprise when seen in case of Pastor Chris. Recently, in the year 2006 pastor Chris has been reported to buy his very own airline.